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Corporate social responsibility

24:54 mins 28.51MB Professor Jeremy Moon explains the key developments in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the role of the accounting profession in those, as well as  the CSR developments in Australia and Asia.

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Goodwill and bonus banks

21:36 mins 24.79MB Professor Wolfgang Schultze, accounting scholar and an international visitor at Macquarie University's IGAP Research Centre, discusses how performance measurement and remuneration can be linked to the long term consequences of managements’ actions.

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Ethical leadership and the accounting profession

13:53 mins 15.96MB Professor Joanne B. Ciulla discusses the importance of ethical leadership in organisations. Distinguishing between ethical leadership and ethical behaviour, she explains how unethical leadership can bring down an organisation.

Ethics and professional identity

Dr Eva Tsahuridu, Policy Adviser Professional Standards and Governance at CPA Australia, and Professor Sally Gunz discuss ethical behaviour and the professional identity of accountants, and common ethical challenges and obligations in the workplace.

Sally Gunz is a Professor of Professional Ethics and Business Law at the University of Waterloo in Canada and Director of the Centre for Accounting Ethics. In 2013, Professor Sally Gunz was an international visitor at Macquarie University's International Governance and Performance (IGAP) Research Centre.

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Common ethical challenges

20:16 mins 23.2MB Hear about the common and distinct professional and ethical challenges for accounting professionals working in public practice, not-for-profits, business or the public sector and the inherent tensions.

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Ethical obligations

7:36 mins 8.71MB Find out how to preserve professional identity and the balance between protecting the organisation with discharging your ethical obligations, while maintaining a strong professional network.

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Professional trust

6:03 mins 6.94MB Discover the crises of conscience that can strike in the management of your client, whether you work alone or work for an organisation.