Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures: Implications for Australian business and corporate reporting (PDF)
Dr John Purcell FCPA, 2017

The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) was established in 2015 to develop a set of voluntary, consistent disclosure recommendations for use by companies in providing information to investors, lenders and insurance underwriters about their climate-related financial risks. This paper explores the TFCD’s recommendations and their implications for corporate reporting.

Carbon reporting: Regulatory and voluntary disclosures (PDF)
Cornelia Beck, Geoff Frost, Stewart Jones, Zornzita Baker, 2016

A longitudinal study of ASX listed companies drawn from the national greenhouse and energy reporting act register.

Who should be a director? (PDF)
Patrick Gallagher and Nonna Martinov-Bennie, 2015

This paper undertakes exploratory analysis and provides conclusions regarding who should be a director. The method employed involves consideration of some official approaches existing within Australia and internationally. Ideally, the paper will assist shareholders to understand the complexities involved in director selection as well as those considering directorships.

The future of capital investment (PDF)
Gillian Vesty, Albie Brooks and Judy Oliver, 2015

At the heart of accounting is information; information not merely for its own sake but as the essential ingredient to effective decision making. This book of five case studies is the result of extensive online surveying of Australian companies during 2012 in collaboration with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and The Prince’s Accounting for Sustainability Project. The case studies examined where, and if so how, sustainability issues were being incorporated into internal capital allocation decisions.

Directors' liability for forward-looking information disclosure (PDF)
CPA Australia, 2015

Why and how the controversy has arisen in the contexts of Australian corporate law and our broader attitudes towards the law
Enthusiasm in Australia for integrated reporting (IR) has been shrouded in concern about corporate and director liability. The paper seeks to demystify these current circumstances, and in doing so, provide the basis of a more certain way forward.

Eroding corporate water reporting? (PDF)
Matthew Egan, Geoff Frost and Zornitza Andreeva, 2015
A study of the Australian food, beverage and tobacco sector 

An exploration of disclosures made by large Australian corporations about their impact on one of society’s critically sensitive and scarce resources − water. Attention is directed to public disclosures by large industrial consumers of water.

Regulatory standards vs. non-regulatory guidelines: Financial stakeholders’ perspectives on the appropriate route to effective integrated reporting (PDF)
Dr Colin Higgins and Dr Wendy Stubbs, 2014

There is widespread recognition amongst financial stakeholders of Australian organisations that current reporting requires some changes. There is less agreement that integrated reporting is necessarily the best way forward, and little agreement about whether regulatory standards or non-regulatory guidelines are most effective at driving change.

Sustainability reporting: Practices, performance and potential (PDF)
CPA Australia and Global Reporting Initiative, 2013

This report addresses the critical issue of organisational capacity to report sustainability information. It investigates what tends to get in the way of non-financial reporting uptake, and explores the attributes of companies that have already made significant inroads in producing holistic and wide-ranging disclosures beyond those mandated by regulation.

The collection, integration and reporting of sustainability information within an organisation: State of practice (PDF)
Associate Professor Geoff Frost, Professor Stewart Jones and Associate Professor Philip Lee, 2012

The case studies contained in this report provide ‘coal face’ insights into the challenges confronted by businesses in their endeavours to shift from traditional business-as-usual, to innovative and sustainable business operations.

The influence and impact of sustainability issues on capital investment decisions (PDF)
Gillian Vesty, 2011

This report offers preliminary findings on current practices around the integration of sustainability issues in investment decisions. It aims to highlight key areas of concern for subsequent research.

Applying sustainability reporting to decision making: product focus and life cycle assessment (PDF)
Janice Loftus and John Purcell, 2010

This paper describes evident trends in sustainability reporting towards a greater level of integration of stakeholder disclosure and underlying decision making.