CPA Australia’s Environmental, Social and Governance Centre of Excellence uses its core strengths to contribute to managing the increased expectations for businesses to become more sustainable in terms of their environmental, social and governance performance (ESG).


ESG are areas of rapid and significant change, shaping how business is conducted, regulated, measured and reported on, and include such innovations as integrated reporting and reporting on climate change risk.

The Environmental, Social and Governance Centre of Excellence role is to primarily act in an advisory capacity to:

  • Provide guidance on policy and issues relating to its topic area
  • Identify current and emerging issues relevant to the profession in a timely and effective way
  • Provide advice on relevant legislation requiring response/comment
  • Provide input and feedback on appropriate policy responses
  • Provide thought leadership
  • Address issues which impact across the profession, focusing on changes in the wider economic environment including globalisation and e-business
  • Be a strategic sounding board for management
  • Provide input on possible CPA Australia products and assist development of outputs


  • Vladimir Malcik FCPA, Chair
  • Andrew Amer
  • Sharon Ditchburn FCPA
  • Jin Ghee Ong CPA
  • Lucy Hamnett CPA
  • Lam Hok Hoi CPA
  • Cissy Ma FCPA
  • Paul Mather FCPA
  • Kathleen O’Sullivan FCPA
  • Juergen Seufert CPA
  • Terence Tan FCPA
  • Tim Timchur FCPA


  • Non-financial reporting and its connection with financial reporting
  • International trends, framework developments and guidance’s shaping corporate behaviour such as the GRI, UNSDGs, UNPRIs and the Natural Capital Protocol
  • Climate change policy
  • Corporate governance with an emphasis on directors’ duties in a complex and rapidly changing external and regulatory environment
  • Improving the profession’s competencies in Environmental, Social and Governance