Trademarks and your clients

If the key intangible resources of a business such as its powerful brand are not legally protected, they may be freely used by others without limitation. IP Australia discusses trademarks, the most common IP right that a small business should consider as it distinguishes your client’s goods and services from those of their competitors.


    • Why are trademarks important for accountants to understand? 03:45
    • Understanding the assessment process for a trademark examiner: 06:36
    • Recognising how two trademarks with the same name and different meaning can exist at the same time: 08:42
    • Defining how industries are classified in the trademarking process: 10:09
    • The trademark application process: 14:17
    • The overall costs associated with obtaining a trademark: 17:50
    • The international trademark application process: 20:03

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