How to best serve your clients

Part three of a seven part podcast series with Jason Cunningham CPA about the seven key ingredients of business success which is based on Jason’s book Have Your Cake and Sell It Too. Our latest podcast explores the importance of customers and how you can best serve your clients. It’s looking at your business through the eyes of your customer and understanding that you can’t be all things to all people. Jason explains why you must put your customers first and the difference between marketing and selling. The bigger picture says get as many people through the door as possible – this episode will help you get the customer mix right.


04:45 – look at your business through the eyes of your customer
08:55 – focus on your point of difference
11:55 – succeed or fail
13:50 – ask for referrals
14:10 – the commitment statement
17:30 – your area of expertise
21:05 – get the customer mix right
22:25 – marketing versus selling
26:45 – the money-back guarantee
28:15 – selling is not a dirty a word

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