How to create a mission statement

Part two of a seven part podcast series with Jason Cunningham CPA about the seven key ingredients of business success which is based on Jason’s book Have Your Cake and Sell It Too. Today’s topic explores the importance of understanding your business, including the development of a mission statement and gaining clarity into exactly why you are in business.


02:55 – the value of having a business coach.
04:20 – Jason shares the mission statement that has stood the test of time and is still their mission statement now, 20 years later
06:50 – the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement
07:26 – the questions to ask yourself to help formulate your mission statement
09:30 – developing, communicating and working on your core values and how they reflect the environment you are creating in your business for your team
14:40 – the importance of working out the ‘why’ of your business and understanding that ‘why’ is different to your mission statement
23:05 – millennials in the workplace

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