CPA Australia audiocast   Building growth: infrastructure and economic recovery

Building growth: infrastructure and economic recovery

As the world anticipates switching gears to recovery mode post-pandemic, infrastructure projects – both large and small – are firmly in the spotlight as a means of economic stimulus. Large-scale projects relating to roads, rail and energy generate major long-term benefits.

However, these projects involve long planning phases and rollout timeframes, as well as labour and raw material constraints, and therefore need to be considered in conjunction with the short-term – but no less important – stimulatory impact of smaller projects such as repairs and maintenance projects, which are labour-intensive and can be started quickly.

In this audio article, experts from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific weigh in on the benefits and disadvantages of different types of infrastructure projects, and offer insights on the potential of these projects in kick-starting post-pandemic economic recovery. Listen now.


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