The six hottest topics from CPA Australia Podcast in 2017

How to recognise stress and avoid burnout

Work-life balance is getting a lot of attention for good reason, but just when you think you’ve got it right, something changes and you’re back to square one. Dr Kristin Neff and Catherine Twiss explore the importance of establishing boundaries and the support necessary to achieve a better and adaptive work-life balance

Strategy – the first step towards business success

Most people don’t start a business with an exit plan already in place, but according to Jason Cunningham CPA, the strategic kick off to achieve business success needs just that mindset. As part one of a seven part series, Jason introduces the strategic process from his best-selling book that will help future-proof your business so you can enjoy the journey and successfully ‘fire yourself’ when the time comes to change paths.

Leading international teams

Managing teams in, or from, other parts of the world presents a number of challenges, including diversity and conflict. Pablo Benitex CPA and Dr Martijn Van der Kamp from Monash Business School discuss what it takes to succeed when work takes across border.

Black economy taskforce

Participation in the black economy penalises honest taxpayers, undermines the integrity of Australia's tax and welfare systems and creates an uneven playing field for the majority of small businesses doing the right thing. Chair of the Black Economy Taskforce, Michael Andrew explains the significant ramifications for the broader tax system.

A survival kit for professionals in change

International expert on interaction and creativity Cyriel Kortleven explains how we can challenge stuck thinking to make room for new ideas, new products and services, more revenue and less red tape.

CPA Changemakers: A discussion on housing affordability

An increasing number of young Australians are questioning whether they will ever be able to own a home. A group of young thought leaders tackled share their thoughts on how to overcome the housing affordability challenge.

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