Achieving extraordinary results with adaptive leadership

In today's episode, we're exploring the idea that leadership is broken at all levels, and how can this be fixed? Joining the CPA Australia Podcast is Sebastian Salicru, the author of Leadership Results. Sebastian is a thought leader who regularly presents at national and international conferences and industry events on the latest developments in leadership. He's the founder and principal consultant at PTS Consultants and works with executives and organisations around the world to help them deliver exceptional results. 


  1. Exploring why the old ways of traditional leadership are failing 5:07
  2. Leadership is also about recognising what’s missing with people, not just their strengths 7:30
  3. Defining learning agility and being able to transfer learnings from the past into challenges faced today 13:01
  4. Defining self leadership and how this relates to achieving your goals  26.53
  5. Understanding leadership as a practise and becoming a leaderful organisation 31.42
  6. Discussing the five part Leadership Results (LR) model 31.30
  7. The importance of storytelling in successful leadership 43:05

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