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Receive zero fees on transfers

Whether you’re sending money back home or transacting international payments for your business, a world-class money transfer provider is a must have. Now with member benefits, you can register for free with OFX and when you transfer A$250 or more, you’ll receive zero OFX transaction fees*. For any enquiries please contact [email protected]
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Access discounted webinars and online courses

We are delighted to offer member benefits with Mercia Group, providing discounted access to more than1,250 training events designed and tailored to accountants. Topics include tax, accounting, auditing, anti-money laundering and more. Whether face-to-face or online, Mercia Group’s courses are accessible, relevant and informative. It makes it easy to train your team and maintain their expertise.

Our exclusive arrangement with Mercia Group means CPA Australia members can take advantage of bulk buy discounts even for one course. Every course specifies how many credits are needed to purchase it (usually 1-4). CPA Australia members can purchase any number of course credits at Mercia Group’s lowest credit price of £33+VAT, usually reserved for larger course bundles.

To book your courses at a discount, simply email [email protected] and quote “CPA Australia” in the subject line. The friendly Mercia Group team will advise you on the training you need, including a quote that takes advantage of CPA Australia discounts. Mercia Group reserve the right to confirm your CPA Australia membership status with us.

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* If you have not received your online account details from Mercia Group, you will see the full prices listed on the website. If you have any questions, contact our office.