What is continuing professional development?

Continuing professional development (CPD) ensures your knowledge remains relevant and current in today’s competitive market. It is also integral to maintaining professional standards and is a fundamental part of your CPA Australia membership. CPD increases your knowledge, skills and your ability to do your job. When you renew your membership each year, you declare to comply with the CPA constitution, By-Laws and continuing professional development obligations.

For your CPD obligations, you need to demonstrate:

  • a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities per year
  • a total of 120 hours for a three year time period (triennium).

Hours cannot be carried forward to a new three year period.

Each year members are randomly selected for a review. It is important to keep an up-to-date record of your CPD activities because if you are selected, you may be asked to show this record.

What type of activities can be included in my continuing professional development?

Any activities that increase your knowledge, skills and your ability to do your job. The activities:

  • do not have to be in accounting or finance. You can even claim learning a language
  • do not have to be provided by CPA Australia
  • directly related to your role such as “completed research for business solution for the company and implementation of company restructure”.

Up to 10 CPD hours each year for reading, listening or watching any relevant leadership, personal or professional development material.

When does my three year period (triennium) start?

Your three year period start is based on when you joined CPA Australia. If you joined before June 30, your three year period starts 1 January that year. If you joined after June 30, your three year period starts 1 January the following year. Your three year periods can be calculated from this date forward. To check when your three year period starts, visit your CPD Diary.

Do I need to do it?

All accounting professional bodies require their members to complete continuing professional development. CPD is compulsory for all Associates, CPAs, FCPAs and retired members who provide public accounting services.

What if I am not working or working reduced hours?

If you are not working or working reduced hours for an extended period of time and you are selected for a review, you can apply for a reduction of your hours if you are selected for review.

What happens if I do not meet my obligations?

A member who does not provide sufficient evidence of continuing professional development may have their membership status downgraded or suspended.

In order to return to your original membership status, you will need to complete 40 hours of additional CPD activities the year before you apply to be reinstated.

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