My Online Learning is CPA Australia's online learning platform, where all the supporting materials for CPA Program and Practice Management candidates can be accessed.

My Online Learning has been upgraded for CPA Program and Practice Management candidates. The system you may have used in previous semesters depended on outdated and unreliable technology – so it was very important that we made this change.

The upgrade will ensure you have a learning system that can support you now and in the years ahead, and we’ve taken the opportunity to make My Online Learning easier to use.

A much simpler menu to make it easier to find what you need

When you next log in to My Online Learning you’ll notice that the system looks quite different and you’ll find:

  • Announcements – check here for important announcements and alerts
  • My current subjects – all your supporting study materials are found here
  • Ask the expert – post questions here to be answered by our technical experts
  • Study group contacts – share your details and search for other students interested in forming a study group

An improved search function

You can now search across the entire system to find resources relevant to your study.

Extra resources

New resources, such as complete PDF study guides.

Check for compatibility and access technical help.

Insights for a great semester of study

In this video we’ll share our insights to plan your semester, and take a guided of tour of My Online Learning to show you how and when to access the range of resources available to you.