Take advantage of the exam preparation advice, study guide and additional resources available to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to successfully pass your foundation exams.

My Online Learning

Once enrolled, you will receive instant access to your study guide and other study resources via My Online Learning. Make sure you check in on a regular basis to keep track of announcements or updates to your study guide.

Your study guide is the only resource you’ll need to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass your foundation exams. It is available in PDF, which means you can use it across multiple devices, and make annotations, highlight text and save changes for reference. You’ll also find audio files that summarise the outline and key points for each module of the study guide.

Your resources in My Online Learning will no longer be available after you’ve sat your exam.

Study maps

Detailed study maps can help you set a study plan to a timeline that works for you. Step by step, the maps guide you on:

  • what to do before you begin
  • which study modules and learning resources to use each week
  • where to allocate your revision and exam preparation time.

You can find your study map in My Online Learning.

Study techniques 

Every students’ study requirements are different. Each student brings their own level of experience and knowledge, so the amount of study required will depend on your prior knowledge of the subject. Students who are confident in the subject matter may elect to sit their exam without reference to the study material. Others will need to allow plenty of time to study. Be realistic and set a plan that works for you.

Study tips

  • Review all the learning objectives thoroughly. 
  • Use the exam percentage weighting of each topic in your study guide as an indication of the number of questions you can expect to see in your exam on this topic and allocate your study time accordingly.
  • In addition to completing the revision and self-assessment questions in the study guide, ensure you can apply the concepts of the learning objectives, rather than just memorising responses.
  • Don’t leave your study to the last minute. You may need more time to explore learning objectives in greater detail than initially expected.
  • Be confident that you understand each learning objective. If you find that you are still unsure after reading the study guide, seek additional information from other resources such as text books or supplementary learning materials.

Access to past exams

We’re often asked if we can provide past exam papers. Due to the secure nature of the exams and the process adopted by CPA Australia in establishing pass standards, questions and answers from past exams are not released or available for viewing. Frequent changes in the content of the study guides and changes to legislation and accounting standards can also mean that past exams may not be appropriate guides for current exams.

Self-assessment test questions and answers are available in the study guides. These questions provide an opportunity to review each topic covered.