We know that you’ve been eager for more resources to help you prepare for exam-day – and there’s no better preparation than being able to apply your knowledge to realistic exam questions.

Using our Exam Practice Questions, you’ll be able to put your knowledge to the test, identify where you performed well and make decisions to focus your remaining study time where you need it most.

Exam Practice Questions will be available for select subjects after the commencement of the semester.

Our Exam Practice Questions feature:

Realistic exam questions

The Exam Practice Questions booklet contains example multiple-choice and extended-response questions that are equivalent in language-style and difficultly to a real exam.

Exam-day pressure simulation

Time yourself to simulate answering questions under exam-day pressure. And have all the notes and materials with you that you intend to take into your exam, so you can practice using them in exam-style conditions.

Answers and explanations

In a separate solution booklet, you’ll receive the correct answers to the multiple-choice questions as well as explanations as to why the other options were incorrect.

For extended response questions, we’ll provide a best-practice answer along with guidance on how you should compare this response to your own so you can allocate marks realistically.


Use the self-assessment booklet to add up your marks to get an indication of how you performed in relation to each module in your subject. This will help you determine where you performed well, and where you may need to invest more study and revision time in the lead up to your real exam.

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Watch our video tutorial to make sure you understand how to get the most of out the Exam Practice Questions resource.

Practice Exam S2 2019 - CPA Australia

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When should I use the Exam Practice Questions?

While you might be tempted to use this resource straight away, we recommend you wait until you’ve read the entire study guide and used all the other resources in My Online Learning before you sit the practice questions. This way you’ll get the most realistic reflection of where you’re at.

I did well in the Exam Practice Questions, so will I pass my exam?

The practice questions provided represent half the questions of a real CPA Program exam, and are changed frequently – so in a real exam you’ll see different questions, and more of them. Your real exam will also examine all the learning outcomes from your study guide, while the Exam Practice Questions explore only a proportion of learning outcomes. So, while performing well in a practice exam is an indication of a selection of your subject knowledge, it is not a guarantee that you’ll pass your real exam.

What’s the difference between Knowledge Checks and Exam Practice Questions?

The Knowledge Checks and the Exam Practice Questions are different, but complement each other well. The Knowledge Checks are designed to check your understanding of the topics in your study guide. The Exam Practice Questions are designed for you to apply that knowledge and are set at an equivalent level of difficulty to what you can expect to see in your real exam. To get the most out of each resource, we recommend you use the Knowledge Checks progressively after you’ve completed each module. We also recommend that you wait until you’ve read the entire study guide and try and simulate exam-day pressure when you answer the practice questions.

Why are there 50 per cent proportional exams and not 100 per cent proportional exams?

We’ve developed 50 per cent proportional exams to give candidates the experience of sitting a real exam while building in opportunities for reflection. For the compulsory subjects, candidates may use both sets of Exam Practice Questions to stimulate a complete exam experience.

I’m studying Ethics and Governance – should I use the computer-based or PDF versions of the Exam Practice Questions?

To familiarise yourself with computer-based testing ahead of your real exam, you may choose to sit the Exam Practice Questions (computer-based exam), which simulates the online exam environment so that you can practice answering questions on screen. These questions are randomised, so you can expect to see some crossover with the questions from the Exam Practice Questions (Versions A and B). To make sure you experience the full range of questions available, we recommend that you use the Exam Practice Questions booklets as well.