Library resources

As an associate member of CPA Australia you have access to all the information and resources available in the CPA Library to assist in your education, day-to-day work, and professional development.

If you’re having difficulty with a particular subject or topic, our qualified Library staff can help source relevant resources that may assist you.

Support from tuition 

If you’re looking for more structured support, you can also study the CPA Program with expert assistance from a tutor.

Tuition is available in online or face-to-face classroom and options range from weekly classes to provide structure and support all semester, to revision and exam preparation classes in the lead up to your exam.

Tuition options vary by location.

Practice tests 

Practice Tests are offered by our tuition partner, PDL Academy. You’ll receive four timed practice tests, each featuring a different combination of multiple choice questions to answer in 95 minutes to help you practice answering questions under pressure. You’ll also receive instant feedback to help you identify areas of weakness that require further work.

Revision materials 

Through our partner, BPP Learning Media, you can access a suite of revision materials written by professionally qualified specialists specifically to support the CPA Program. While these resources do not replicate an exam experience, they are a helpful revision tool as you prepare for your exam. 

Revision kits 

Available for CPA Program core subjects; the revision kits contain multiple choice and case-study written response questions, along with solutions and clear explanations for every question.


For foundation exams and CPA Program subjects; Passcards summarise important topics, and are designed to help you revise and prepare for exams.