We’re excited to announce that in Semester 2 2019 Quitch will be expanding from Ethics and Governance and Practice Management to support Financial Reporting, Global Strategy and Leadership, and Strategic Management Accounting students. 

Students of the four core subjects and Practice Management will receive an email invitation from Quitch in Week 1 of Semester 2 2019 to download the app and start studying. Over the course of the semester, you’ll receive push notifications as new content becomes available.

We want to deliver the best learning experience for you that we can, so please let us know your feedback.

Visit the Quitch website for more information about the app or read through the frequently asked questions.

What is Quitch?

Quitch is a mobile learning app and a new way for Associate members to engage with Knowledge Checks and other study resources on the go. The app uses game elements and game design techniques like timed questions and points for successful answers to help keep your learning on track and front of mind, and you can even choose to participate in competitive leader board to see how your knowledge compares to your peers.

Is Quitch free for me to use?

Yes, there is no cost to you to download Quitch.

How do I download Quitch?

Ethics and Governance, Financial Reporting, Global Strategy and Leadership, Strategic Management Accounting and Practice Management students will receive a unique email invitation from Quitch with full instructions on how to download Quitch from the app store and to start studying.

Can I use Quitch anonymously?

Absolutely. When you first register with Quitch you are hidden from view. The only way your classmates can identify you is by your username, which you set yourself by going into your profile and selecting your screen name. If you don’t want to be identifiable on the Quitch leader board, you can choose not to update your profile, or to a screen name without any identifying information – like your pet’s name or your favourite book character.

Why is Quitch only available for some subjects?

Quitch is as new to us as it is to you. We want to make sure you’re getting everything out of Quitch that you need to help you in your study, so we’ve only released Quitch to an initial group of CPAs and ASAs for use in Semester 2 2019. We hope to fine-tune the experience and start to bring Quitch online for all our CPA Program and Foundation subjects in semesters ahead.

What study content is available through Quitch?

The Quitch app is a more interactive and mobile way to progress through the Knowledge Checks and video resources available to you in My Online Learning. You should think of Quitch as an automated and convenient way to keep your study on track and front of mind as you progress through the semester.

I have some feedback about Quitch. Who should I speak to?

We want to deliver the best learning experience for you that we can, so please contact us with your feedback.

How do I ask a question about the study content in Quitch?

You can continue to use the Ask the Expert forums in My Online Learning if you have any technical questions about the content within the Quitch App.