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PDL AcademyWe know you'll face different challenges when studying the CPA Program. That's why we've partnered exclusively with PDL Academy to offer tuition support in Australia.

With support options varying from a weekly class to keep you on track all semester, to sessions that focus purely on getting you exam ready, you’ll find the level of support that’s right for you.

Weekly classes

Weekly class + Revision + Exam preparation + Practice tests

Weekly classes are available online or face-to-face in Melbourne and Sydney.

Classes are led by a subject matter expert who provides understanding and insight of the key principles and concepts that will enable you to master the subject matter. You’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of your subject, and as the exam draws nearer you’ll switch into revision and exam preparation techniques.

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Intensive focus

Revision + Exam preparation 

In these online classes held in the final weeks of the semester, you’ll revise the key concepts and fine tune your knowledge in a condensed period of time. You’ll also receive exam preparation tips and techniques to get you exam ready.

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Exam preparation

Held at the end of semester, these sessions are available online and are focussed specifically on preparing for your exam – how to interpret an exam question, how to construct a written response, time management techniques and lots of practice exam-style questions, to get you exam ready.

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Practice tests

You’ll receive four timed practice tests, each featuring a different combination of multiple choice questions to answer in 95 minutes to help you practice answering questions under pressure. You’ll also receive instant feedback to help you identify areas of weakness that require further work.

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Choose a Registered Tuition Provider

Registered tuition provider logoPDL Academy are the only registered tuition provider in Australia. Only providers who carry this logo are authorised to provide CPA Program and Foundation tuition. This logo is your assurance that the tuition you’ll receive meets our stringent quality standards and is aligned to the current study materials approved by CPA Australia


“I chose PDL Academy because of the structure it provided, the guidance through tricky topical viewpoints and the positive motivation towards successful completion of each subject.” Sarvesh

“The content provided in tuition keeps you on track to identify topics that you need to focus on. I consider tuition as an investment in my learning and growth as a CPA member.” Kaylene

“Before enrolling in Advanced Taxation, I was quite nervous and wondered if I could ever pass with the time I had to study. After joining tuition with PDL Academy I found my tutor, Gracie, to be exceptional and my confidence grew with every class. Gracie's in-depth knowledge, teaching style and hands on experience with the subject made me feel comfortable and provided the confidence boost to go the extra mile. I was thrilled to get a credit!” Glen