You can manage your enrolment online via My CPA Program.

Defer your enrolment

If you’re unable to continue with your study in the present semester, you may defer your enrolment to the next available semester. You can do this yourself via My CPA Program, by the closing date.

After you defer, any exam appointment you scheduled will be cancelled. We will automatically enrol you into the same subject in the following semester and you will receive an email confirmation.

You will be required to schedule a new exam appointment through My CPA Program when exam scheduling opens for the following semester.

If you defer:

  • You must retain your study guide. If we update the study guide for the following semester, we will send you a new guide. If you do not retain your study guide as instructed, a replacement can be arranged for a fee.
  • A maximum of two consecutive deferrals will be granted per enrolment. A third deferral may be granted in exceptional circumstances and with supporting documentation.
  • Deferral fees apply, and an increase in the deferral fee will apply three weeks prior to the exam period.

See: Subject cancellations and deferrals policy

Cancel your enrolment

You may cancel your enrolment via My CPA Program prior to the advertised closing dates.

If you cancel:

  • You will receive a full refund of the subject enrolment fee will be provided if your cancellation is submitted before the first cancellation date for the current semester. A refund will not be provided if you submit your cancellation after the first cancellation date for the current semester. Requests to cancel your enrolment after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Following your cancelled enrolment, the subject will be deleted from your results transcript.
  • A maximum of two cancellations will be granted per subject.
  • It is not permissible to cancel or defer a subject after you have sat an exam for that subject. If you sit an exam, the result stands.

See: Subject cancellations and deferrals policy