Immediate access to your study guide

Upon enrolling, you will receive immediate access to an electronic version (PDF or eBook) of your study guide through My Online Learning, so you can start your study straight away – with the exception of Singapore Taxation, which has a printed study guide only. This will be sent to the address nominated at the time of enrolment. You will also gain access to My Online Learning when you enrol, followed by Guided Learning two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. 

Find out more about My Online Learning.


Delivery of your printed guide

Your printed study guide(s) will be sent to the preferred mailing address nominated upon your enrolment. Please wait until the expected delivery date has passed before contacting CPA Australia about your study guide.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we hold a valid and accurate mailing address to which we may send your study materials. You may change your preferred mailing address up until the closing date for address changes.

If you'd like to track the progress of your study guide delivery, please refer to the consignment reference in My CPA Program alongside the Courier being used for dispatch.


Tracking Facility

Australia Post

Australia Post website

Australia Post - International

No tracking facility available


DHL website

StarTrack Express

StarTrack website

Singapore Post

Singpost website

Candidates residing in Australia

Please nominate a street address, post office box or business address for receipt of your materials. For business addresses, ensure you include the full company name in the address and that you can be in receipt of the delivery.

Candidates residing outside Australia

Nominate a street address. This is essential as the items are sent via courier and must be signed for on arrival.

For certain locations, there is location-specific information required for customs clearance. We will not be able to deliver your materials if you do not supply the information listed.


Register your details with Taiwan Customs Administration and ensure they match the contact details you have provided to CPA Australia by Wednesday 6 January 2021. The local Taiwan phone number you provide to Customs and the business phone number you provide to us must match as Taiwan Customs will use this number to verify authenticity of the parcel.


Provide business address, including the business name.


You will be contacted after you enrol and asked to provide a Government ID number and to complete a form that gives the courier company permission to act on your behalf to ensure clearance from customs.


To receive your study guide, you will be required to apply for a Customs Import Licence from Department of Information and Communications of Hanoi City (04. 73767115). After you enrol, CPA Australia will contact you to provide you more information.

If you require replacement materials, contact us. Charges may apply.