Early access to your study guide

We’re always looking for ways to enhance the CPA Program to further support your study. One of the benefits of enrolling early (in the advertised enrolment period) is that you will receive access to a PDF of your study guide* in My Online Learning from the moment you enrol – giving you more time to study.

All your other supporting resources, like Knowledge checks and the Ask the Expert forum, will be available from the official start of the semester on 29 January 2018.

There’s never been a better incentive to enrol early and get a head start on your study.

If you’re unable to enrol until closer to the semester start date, don’t worry. The official semester starts on 29 January 2018 and our suggested study planner in the back cover of your study guide kicks off from that date – so you’ll have ample time to work through your study material and prepare for your exam.

*The study guide will be available for all subjects, excluding Singapore Taxation. Singapore Taxation has a printed study guide only, which will be sent to the address nominated at the time of enrolment.

Important changes to Advanced Taxation – Semester 2 2018

We’re making some important changes to our CPA Program Advanced Taxation subject from Semester 2 2018. This revised subject will be offered from Semester 2 2018 with an uplift in content and learning outcomes, so that it’s in-line with postgraduate studies, and will contribute to the Tax Practitioners Board taxation requirements for registration as a Registered Tax Agent.

We recommend that candidates who need to complete taxation to meet their CPA Program requirement enrol in Advanced Taxation in Semester 1 2018, prior to the revised content being introduced.

Important change to Malaysia Taxation - Semester 2 2018

From Semester 2 2018 Malaysia Taxation will be offered directly through Sunway TES. For candidates wanting to complete Malaysia Taxation after this date, you will need to enrol with Sunway TES. Once you have successfully completed the subject, you will be eligible to apply for a non-specified elective exemption for the CPA Program. You cannot defer this subject in Semester 1 2018. For candidates who would prefer to complete the subject whilst it is offered in the CPA Program, it is recommended you do so this semester.

New elective in Financial Planning – Investment Strategies

If you want a career in financial planning, you can now make progress towards the education requirements while you’re studying the CPA Program. This semester we are introducing Investment Strategies.