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We regularly review the structure of our subjects to make sure the content is relevant and accurate, and the assessments give all candidates the greatest opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge they’ve learned.

The Global Strategy and Leadership exam has long been based on the use of comprehensive case studies provided in advance, known as "pre-seen" case studies. Candidates have received the pre-seen case studies a few weeks before the exam and have been required to analyse the case study in preparation for extended response questions in the exam.

After a great deal of consideration, we have made the decision to replace the lengthy pre-seen case studies with shorter case studies that will be presented within the exam from semester two 2017.

What will the new exam include?

The exam will continue to include multiple choice questions based on the subject content as well as written response questions based on case studies and the subject study materials. However, instead of receiving case studies in advance, candidates will be provided with shorter case studies contained in the exam.

The case studies will be shorter than those currently used and will be easily read and understood within the existing exam time available of 3 hours and 15 minutes.


This change will provide candidates with the opportunity to utilise the final two weeks of semester as a revision period to review their knowledge and understanding of the study materials rather than having to focus their final two weeks on the case study analysis in preparation for the exam.

I've been impressed at the amount of work undertaken by candidates to prepare the case analysis, but we are concerned that this is at the expense of a broader understanding of the entire subject content.

What does this mean for you?

If you’ve not yet completed Global Strategy and Leadership, you may do so in the coming two semesters if you wish to study and sit an exam under the current exam structure. But remember you must successfully complete all other compulsory subjects before you're eligible to enrol in Global Strategy and Leadership.

Enrol in semester two, 2016 or semester one, 2017, and your exam will comprise: Enrol in semester two, 2017 or beyond, and your exam will comprise: 
  • Multiple choice questions based on the subject content 
  • Written response questions based on the subject content and "pre-seen" case studies provided in advance
  • Multiple choice questions based on the subject content
  • Written response questions based on the subject content and case studies provided in your exam.

This change will enhance the equity and rigor of the examination process, and the new exam structure will be no more, or less difficult than in prior semesters.

Remember that the change is not coming into effect until semester two 2017. So you have time to act and manage your CPA Program accordingly if you'd prefer to sit your exam for Global Strategy and Leadership prior to this change.

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Rob Thomason
Executive General Manager, Education