If you have worked in a relevant professional role you may be eligible to claim additional points for your Skilled Migration visa application. CPA Australia can assess your employment history to determine if your experience is closely related to your selected ANZSCO occupation and at a level expected from Australian employers.

To address potential fraud and document manipulation, once you have received your initial outcome CPA Australia will not accept additional information or altered references. 


Work experience or employment claims will only be considered if you have received a suitable full skills assessment outcome under your nominated occupation by CPA Australia.

Volunteer work and experience carried out as part of a qualification will not be recognised as skilled employment.

CPA Australia will only recognise employment that:

  • is assessed as closely related to the ANZSCO occupation for which you have received a suitable skills assessment outcome
  • was undertaken in the last 10 years
  • was undertaken after you completed a formal qualification (or combination of qualifications) that is assessed by CPA Australia as equivalent to at least an Australian bachelor’s degree
  • was paid and continuous for a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • is a minimum of one year of accumulated employment, for at least three months per role

Note: CVs and resumes will not be accepted as evidence of employment. 

Employer testimonial

For employment claims to be recognised for skilled employment, you must provide:

  • a signed testimonial from your employer (see below)
  • an employment contract and pay slips to substantiate your employment claims.

The testimonial must include:

  • the official letterhead of the employing business. The letterhead should indicate clearly the full address of the business and any telephone, email and website addresses
  • the name and position of the person authorised to sign the employment reference or testimonial and should include the authorised person's signature. References from colleagues of the applicant at the same level or below will not be considered 
  • the direct work email address and contact number of the individual writing the reference. Personal phone numbers or addresses will not be accepted
  • specific start and end dates of your employment history. Multiple roles within the same organisation must be listed separately
  • the duties or responsibilities undertaken in each role
  • whether your roles were permanent or temporary
  • your working hours per week
  • the salary you earned.


  • CPA Australia may request further documentation before finalising your skilled employment assessment.
  • If you are unable to obtain an employment reference on a business letterhead, a statutory declaration may be considered in its place. In addition to outlining the reasons why you were not able to obtain a work reference, your declaration must include the criteria outlined above. For example, specific periods of employment, positions held, etc. 
  • CPA Australia will not recognise accumulated time for work/client engagements that were performed during the same period. For example, you cannot claim more than 12 months of experience in a 12-month period. If you have undertaken concurrent work, we recommend providing testimonial for the role that is most suitable for the ANZSCO code you have applied for. CPA Australia will ensure that the longest possible period of skilled employment is recognised in your final assessment.


Self-employed applicants must provide a testimonial that is written on the official letterhead of their business. The letterhead should indicate clearly the full address and any telephone, email and website addresses. 

The testimonial must include:

  • specific start and end dates
  • your working hours per week
  • the duties or responsibilities undertaken in each position
  • the salary you earned.

You will also need to include high quality scans of:

  • your official business name registration
  • practising certificate
  • tax returns of your first, middle and final year (if relevant) of business operation
  • references from two or more clients on letterheads, stating work done by your business and the period your business was employed by the referee.

If your self-employment was conducted outside of Australia, we will accept substitutes for the above-mentioned documents provided they confirm the same information. For example, some countries may issue a ‘Tax Registration’ document rather than a ‘Business Registration’ document.


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