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What ANZSCO code should I apply for?
We cannot provide you with any advice about selecting an ANZSCO code. Definitions of ANZSCO codes can be viewed at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. If you are still unsure, you may consider consulting a migration agent. 

What is a provisional assessment?
This skills assessment is for recent graduates of Australian educational institutions that are applying for a temporary graduate visa (subclass 485). 

Can I be assessed for multiple ANZSCO codes?
Yes, we can provide you with assessment outcomes for all ANZSCO codes listed. A fee is applicable for each additional ANZSCO code you apply for. 

How and when do I apply for additional ANZSCO codes?
Once you have completed your initial application online, you can submit a supplementary services application form to indicate which additional occupations you wish to be assessed for.

Do I have to nominate a third party during the online application?
No. If you are not using a third party for your application, simply ignore the “migration agent contact details” section. 

My previous assessment outcome has expired, but I want to provide additional documents. What should I do?
As your application has expired, you will need to create and pay for a new application.

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I am a member – do I have to provide all my qualification documents again?
In most cases your documents will be on file. However if they do not meet the requirements you may be asked to provide new scans or additional documents. You will need to notify us at [email protected] that your membership application documents are available to assess.

My documents are not in English. Do they need to be translated?
Yes. Documents that are not in English must be translated by an official translator. Both the original and the translated documents must be provided for the assessment.

However, an official translation for syllabus is not required. Instead, we will accept a translation of the syllabus in your own words. You must also provide a statutory declaration to confirm that the translation is in your own words, and that it is a true reflection of the studies you have completed.

I have been asked to obtain or share my documents via My eQuals. What should I do now?
If you are unable to provide a scan of an official, physical document you must provide an electronically signed PDF copy of your academic transcript and award using the My eQuals service.

Do my documents need to be certified?
No. You need to provide clear, legible, high quality colour scans of original documents.

Why haven’t my documents been accepted by CPA Australia?
If your documents are not accepted, you will be notified with a request for replacements. The most common reasons documents are not accepted are:
  • they were not provided in colour
  • photos or smartphone ‘scans’ were provided
  • the quality was poor
  • they were suspected to be fraudulent.

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Do I have to provide English test scores?
Yes. To receive a positive assessment outcome, you will need to meet the English language requirement.

If you are simply wanting to know if additional study is required to meet the competency areas, you can request an assessment without an English test. Once you have completed the additional studies – if applicable – and your English test, you can apply for an update.

I am a citizen of a country where English is the first language. Do I still need to provide evidence of English language proficiency?
Yes, the English language proficiency is a requirement for all applicants.

What documents should I provide relating to my English language test?
We require a copy of your test report form.
  • For PTE Academic, you must authorise CPA Australia to receive your PTE results through your online PTE Academic account.
  • If you have completed your test with Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE), you must provide a copy of your confirmation of entry and timetable with your test report form.

I am trying to share my PTE Scores with CPA Australia, but I cannot find it on the list.
Once you have logged into your PTE Academic account, select “send scores.”

To share your scores with CPA Australia, ensure you have selected the following:
  • in the field marked “Country” select Australia 
  • in the field marked “Province/State” select Victoria
  • in the field marked “City” select Southbank
  • in the field marked “School” select CPA Australia.

Why have you sent me a request to share my PTE scores online, when I have already completed these steps?
As PTE Academic scores can take up to 72 hours to share, they may not have been available to us at the time your application was viewed. You may also wish to confirm you completed the aforementioned steps to share your scores. 

How long are English tests valid for?
We will recognise English language tests for up to three years from the test date if we can verify the score reports with the providers. This verification is conducted for every applicant regardless of how old the test is. 

Pearson’s state that PTE Academic scores are only available to share with any institution for up to two years.

What is the Accounting Professional Year Program?
The Accounting Professional Year Program (Accounting PYP – formerly SMIPA) is a 12-month vocational training program for international students that have recently graduated with an Australian accounting degree. Successful completion of the Accounting PYP may attract additional points under the GSM points test.

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I need my assessment urgently, can I have it prioritised?
If you have an urgent deadline approaching, you may be considered for prioritisation. You will need to provide evidence of your approaching deadline to [email protected] with the subject line: DEADLINE: [application ID], [your name]

My assessment outcome tells me I need to complete further studies. What are my options?
Your outcome letter will provide you with further information to assist you with your next steps.

I have completed the additional study you recommended in my outcome letter, what should I do now?
If you have completed a foundation level unit with CPA Australia, email [email protected] to finalise your assessment outcome.

If you have completed your additional studies anywhere else, you will need to complete a supplementary services application form, pay the relevant fee and provide a copy of your additional transcript.

I don’t agree with my assessment outcome, what can I do?
You can appeal your assessment result by filling out a supplementary services application form and paying the relevant fee. If no additional supporting documents are provided and the result of the review is that the initial assessment outcome was incorrect, the review fee will be refunded. 

I forgot to provide some documents that might have helped with my assessment outcome. Can I submit them now?
Yes, if you have additional documents to be assessed, you may update your application.

Fill out a supplementary services application form, pay the relevant fee and provide high quality colour scans of your additional relevant documents.

I have achieved superior English scores since I received my suitable general skills assessment outcome. Can I update my assessment?
Yes. You can apply for an update of your assessment outcome, however this is not essential. Alternatively, you can simply provide them to the Department of Home Affairs as part of your visa application. 

Does CPA Australia award points?
No, we only provide a letter of assessment.

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Who can assess my skilled employment?
Your skilled employment assessment needs to be completed by the assessing authority that provided you with your General Skills Assessment outcome. Therefore, if you have received a suitable skills assessment with CPA Australia, we can assess your skilled employment.

How do I apply for a skilled employment assessment?
You can opt for a skilled employment assessment while applying for your initial assessment. If you did not opt at this time, on receipt of a suitable outcome, you can simply email your relevant employment documents to [email protected]

Can I submit both my skilled employment documents and my qualification documents at the same time?
Yes. However, we will only consider them if you receive a suitable outcome for your skills assessment.

I have not received a suitable outcome for my skills assessment. Can you still assess my skilled employment documents?
No. Before we can assess your employment history you must have received a suitable skills assessment.

How much is the skilled employment assessment?
Your first skilled employment assessment is currently included in the assessment fee.

Will you consider the experience I gained before I completed my qualification?
No. We can only consider the experience you have gained after you have been awarded your degree, that was assessed during your skills assessment.

Does my skilled employment have to be paid experience?
Yes. Volunteer work or internships – including Accounting Professional Year Program – will not be recognised as skilled employment.

Will you consider skilled employment if it is not closely related to my ANZSCO code?
No. Your employment must be closely related to your nominated occupation. Refer to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website for information on your occupation and unit group.

Can you assess my overseas and Australian skilled employment?
Yes, we can assess and provide advice on your skilled employment both in Australia and overseas.

I have applied for multiple ANZSCO codes, can I have my skilled employment assessed for each?
Yes. You will be provided with a skilled employment outcome for each occupation you have been assessed for, unless you indicate otherwise.

I don’t agree with my skilled employment assessment outcome, what can I do?
You may update your skilled employment outcome by providing additional evidence, however revised testimonials will not be accepted. You may also appeal your outcome without providing new information. For either option, complete a supplementary services application form, email the form to [email protected] and pay the relevant fee.


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