Prepare for your exam

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Prepare for your exam

Once you've chosen your CPA Program exam format and scheduled your appointment, it’s time to focus on your study and prepare for the exam period.

Study support

As a CPA Program candidate, you have access to an extensive range of resources to help you master your subject content.
We recommend that you review the in-semester study support available to you, to help you make the most of your resources and study time.

Exam formats 

We offer test-centre computer exams and online proctored exams. Both  exam formats have unique requirements, familiarise yourself with your chosen format now so you can feel confident and prepared on the day of your exam.
Find out more about the requirements of your chosen format and how to best prepare for your exam:

Exam preparation

The sooner you start your exam preparation, the more time you'll have for study as you approach your appointment.
We've summarised some key steps to help you ahead of your exam.

Test-centre computer-based exams Online proctored exams
Check the name on your ID's against the name in your profile with CPA Australia. If they don't match, please contact us

Check your appointment details in the exam confirmation email from Pearson VUE, focus on the date, time, time-zone and location, if applicable

Check your calculator against the guidelines on your exam format page

Check the health and safety requirements on the Pearson VUE website

Complete a system test, and check your computer settings against the device checklist

Find a suitable room in which to sit your exam ,it should be enclosed, private and have access to a stable internet connection

Learn more about test centre exams
Learn more about online exams

* All candidates have access to one unscheduled break where you can pause your exam timer. Candidates undertaking test-centre exams can request additional breaks, however the exam timer can only be paused once. Additional breaks can't be accommodated during online proctored exams.

Singapore Taxation

The exam for Singapore Taxation is closed book. If you are enrolled in this subject, you can only bring the approved tax acts recommended in the study guide into the exam.

Your Singapore Taxation exam will be held on a fixed date at the Tax Academy of Singapore's exam venue in Singapore, you must be available to attend the exam on this date.

Have questions?

If you have any outstanding questions about either exam option, please check out:

CPA Program Exam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
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CPA Program online-proctored exams