Two compliance committees, the Quality Review Committee and the Disciplinary Committee, evaluate and review the professional conduct of members to ensure they comply with ethical and legal obligations relevant to the accounting and finance professions.

Quality Review Advisory Committee

The Quality Review Advisory Committee advises the CPA Australia Board of Directors on issues relating to the Quality Review Program. By completing the program, public practitioners can ensure compliance with ethical and professional standards is maintained.

The committee advises the board on how the Quality Review Program should be developed as well as recommending proposed changes suggested by CPA Australia's public practice general manager. It also oversees the accreditation and training needs of reviewers, as well as their performance, and recommendations on these issues are made to the board.

Issues raised by members in public practice are also considered by the committee and recommendations are made to the board as needed.

Disciplinary Panel

CPA Australia's Disciplinary Panel can impose penalties on members who do not comply with the organisation's constitution and by-laws, APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants or relevant professional standards.

Penalties that can be imposed include:

  • forfeiture of membership
  • a fine
  • reprimanding the member, including by publishing their name
  • cancellation or suspension of any certificate, privilege, right or benefit available to the member
  • requiring the member to undertake additional hours of continuing professional development.

This panel is comprised of both senior members and non-members. It does not have a charter.