The Appointments Council is responsible for appointing the CPA Australia Board of Directors. The current members are listed below:


Kerry Phillips FCPA (Queensland) – Deputy Chair Cha Jordanoski FCPA (Australian Capital Territory)
Piotr Jakubicki FCPA (Victoria) – Appointor Richard Moreton FCPA (New South Wales)
Chia-Tern Huey Min FCPA (Singapore)
Timothy Spencer CPA (Western Australia)
Andrew Dow FCPA (South Australia)
Ross Springolo FCPA (Northern Territory)
John Gill FCPA (New Zealand)
Warwick Syphers FCPA (Europe)
Paul Gimpl FCPA (Tasmania) Tan Lay Keng FCPA (Malaysia)
Paul Ho FCPA (Greater China)

Appointments Council Charter

Watch Piotr Jakubicki FCPA explain the CPA Australia Appointments Council.



2019 director application process

View application process (PDF)