Update from the CPA Australia Board 28 September 2021

  1. Appointment of directors to the CPA Australia Board
  2. Response to KPMG Australia Professional Development Misconduct

Appointment of directors to the CPA Australia Board

CPA Australia is pleased to announce the appointment of four directors to the board and the election of the President and Chairman and two Deputy Presidents.

Three new directors have been appointed to the board and one director has been re-appointed. These appointments are:

  • Professor Yew Kee Ho FCPA (Aust.), FCA (Singapore), CFA (USA), Associate Provost (SkillsFuture), Cluster Director, Design and Specialised Businesses and Professor of Accounting at Singapore Institute of Technology.
  • Warren McRae FCPA, a senior executive with experience in risk, governance, digital and technology innovation and organisational transformation for a major multi-national financial services organisation.
  • Bernard Che-Wai Poon FCPA (Aust.), a Partner at Ernst & Young (EY) specialising in valuations and financial modelling with extensive experience in the valuation of businesses, shares and intangible assets for transaction analysis, business strategy, taxation, financial reporting and acting as an expert witness.
  • Professor Dale Pinto FCPA, director at CPA Australia since 2018 and Deputy President since October 2020, Chair of the Academic Board at Curtin University, Professor of Taxation Law in the Curtin Law School.

Professor Dale Pinto, Professor Yew Kee Ho and Warren McRae have each been appointed for a three-year term commencing 1 October 2021. Bernard Che-Wai Poon has been appointed to fill a casual vacancy for one year from 1 October 2021.

These appointments bring the number of directors on the Board to ten, the maximum permitted by the CPA Australia Constitution. The Appointments Council, comprising members elected from CPA Australia's Divisional Councils, made the appointment in accordance with CPA Australia's Constitution.

In addition to the re-appointment of Professor Pinto, we are delighted to welcome to the Board three talented and highly respected members of the profession, and we congratulate them on being appointed as directors. They bring a diverse set of skills and experience and share the board’s commitment to deliver improved services to members.

I am honoured to be re-elected as President and Chairman of CPA Australia. I thank my colleagues on the board, CEO Andrew Hunter and his team and the dedicated members of CPA Australia for your ongoing support.

I also congratulate Professor Dale Pinto FCPA and Rosemary Sinclair AM FCPA on being elected as Deputy Presidents. Together, the Board is determined to drive the organisation forward and help members navigate a path through this challenging period.

Su-Yen Wong and Ric De Santi are retiring as directors effective 30 September 2021. Su-Yen and Ric have served the organisation with integrity and distinction; Su-Yen as a director since 2018 and Ric as a director since 2017, and as Deputy President and Chair of the Board’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee since October 2020. CPA Australia sincerely thanks Su-Yen and Ric for the significant contribution they have made to members and the organisation, and we wish them all the best for the future.

The ten members of the CPA Australia Board from 1 October 2021 are:

  • Merran Kelsall FCPA, President and Chairman
  • Professor Dale Pinto FCPA, Deputy President
  • Rosemary Sinclair AM FCPA, Deputy President
  • Michaela Browning, Director
  • Louise Cox FCPA, Director
  • Professor Yew Kee Ho FCPA (Aust.), Director
  • Helen Lorigan, Director
  • Warren McRae FCPA, Director
  • Bernard Che-Wai Poon FCPA (Aust.), Director
  • Peter Wilson AM FCPA, Director

Response to KPMG Australia Professional Development Misconduct

CPA Australia is aware of the ruling by the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) against KPMG Australia for misconduct in professional development courses by some employees.

There has been no referral to CPA Australia from the PCAOB alleging professional misconduct by CPA Australia members in this matter, however, we have formally communicated with KPMG Australia to seek clarification if any of the individuals involved in the misconduct are members of CPA Australia. The integrity of any professional development or assessment undertaken by a CPA Australia member is taken very seriously. Any reports or allegations of academic or professional misconduct by a CPA Australia member will be thoroughly investigated in line with our Constitution and By-Laws.

Merran Kelsall FCPA
President and Chairman
On behalf of CPA Australia's Board of Directors