Statement from the Board 20 April 2020

Content Summary

In line with the ongoing advice from government and health authorities, CPA Australia has decided to extend this and cancel all face-to-face member events in Australia and New Zealand until 31 August 2020.

Members who have registered to attend a specific event will be notified separately about that event and in the case of paid events, will be able to receive a full refund.

CPA Australia will continue to increase our online offer to members while these restrictions remain in place. A decision about events scheduled after 31 August in Australia and New Zealand will be made in light of circumstances as they develop and will be communicated closer to the time.

In keeping with the above, the Board has also decided that Members (and their representatives) will no longer be able to attend the physical venue of the AGM in person, other than Members who are CPA Australia staff and will be working at the AGM. As set out in the Notice, the physical venue for the AGM is the CPA Australia Melbourne office, which is not a public space. All staff present at the AGM will be required to adhere to strict safety and social distancing requirements.

Although physical attendance by Members is no longer permitted in person at the AGM venue, CPA Australia is facilitating member participation using technology. The Board strongly encourage Members to participate in the 2020 AGM by:

  • lodging their proxy online as soon as possible (must be lodged by 25 April at 5.30PM AEST). To this end, we note that the current Victorian and Federal Government restrictions mean that if a Member has chosen or chooses a proxy other than the Chair, that proxy will not be able to attend the meeting and the Chair will become the proxy by default. The Chair will be directed by the voting preferences (if any) provided in the Members proxy form;
  • asking questions of the Board or Auditor concerning matters to be considered at the AGM. Questions can be asked before or during the meeting and further instructions are set out in the AGM Microsite. Members can ask their questions in text format online and the Board is increasing online participation in 2020 by introducing a functionality for Members to dial in and ask questions by voice online (i.e. speak online). Questions from Members are important, and the Board will respond to as many of the frequently asked questions as possible at the AGM. Answers to questions submitted prior to the AGM, asked during the AGM (via text or by dial in) or taken on notice on by the Chair will be posted on the CPA Australia website; and 
  • watching the meeting via live webcast at 

The COVID-19 situation is changing rapidly and the advice set out here reflects the current advice issued by Victorian and Federal Governments and is subject to change. Members are encouraged to monitor the AGM microsite on the CPA Australia website at for any further updates in relation to AGM arrangements.

CPA Australia appreciates the understanding of its Members as it navigates this difficult situation.

Peter Wilson AM FCPA

President and Chair
On behalf of CPA Australia’s Board of Directors