Darren Gleeson

Content Summary

Member’s name: Darren Gleeson
Date of Hearing: 27 October 2021
Division: Western Australia
Tribunal: Disciplinary Tribunal

On 27 October 2021, the Disciplinary Tribunal found that Mr Darren Gleeson breached CPA Australia’s Constitution of 14 May 2019:

Volume 1:

  • 1) Article 39(a)(ii)(F) in that he had “been the subject of an adverse finding that has not been overturned on appeal in relation to the Member's conduct, competence or recognition by any Court, professional body, statutory or other regulatory authority in any jurisdiction” in respect of a decision of the Tax Practitioners Board dated 17 December 2020 where his registration was terminated until 15 February 2023.

Mr Gleeson attended the Disciplinary Tribunal Hearing and admitted the Complaint. 

Penalty and costs:

The Disciplinary Tribunal found the Complaints sustained and imposed the following penalty:

  • forfeiture of membership until 15 February 2023. 

The Disciplinary Tribunal also imposed the following conditions: 

  • Upon readmission as a PPC holder, Mr Gleeson must register to commence a CPA Australia Quality Review or its equivalent at the time, at the first available cycle. 
  • Mr Gleeson’s status of FCPA be reduced to CPA and after a period of 3 years from the date of readmission, Mr Gleeson is eligible to apply for re-instatement of his Fellow membership status.

The Disciplinary Tribunal imposed a contribution to CPA Australia’s costs in the amount of $2,686.00.