Featured Speakers

CPA Congress will bring together over 200 speakers across 13 locations worldwide, covering big picture trends around four key themes - Insight, Agility, Technology & Digital Revolution and Leadership. Check out some of your local and international speakers featuring this year.


Cyreil Kortleven Cyriel Kortleven
Futurist (Belgium)

A3: Shift your mindset - a survival kit for professionals in change
Jason Wheeler Jason Wheeler
Former CFO, Tesla (US)

KN5: The Transformational CFO
Jason McGuire Jason McGuire FCPA
Program Governance and Finance Manager, Operational Search for MH370, ATSB

B3: Procurement and contract management for the search for MH370
James Bawtree James Bawtree
CEO, PMLogic

MC7: Learning with LEGO – adaptable and agile project management


Matthew Luhn Matthew Luhn
Original Storyteller, Pixar Animation Studios (USA)

KN3: Storytelling for business
Paul Bloxam Paul Bloxham
Chief Economist (Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities), HSBC Bank Australia

KN1: Creating the future – the economic game-changers and megatrends impacting your business
Brendan Hargreaves Brendan Hargreaves FCPA
Divisional General Manager, Cleanaway

A5: Effective communication of data and digits to influence stakeholders
Neil Fraser Neil Fraser
Director of Strategic Planning, Analytics and Information, Macquarie University

MC1: Big Data business models, visualisation and innovation


Nigel Sutton Nigel Sutton
Creative Director, NDS Productions

B4: Leading change with high performance and multigenerational teams
Shane MacDonald Shane MacDonald CPA
Partner - Financial Advisory Forensic Consulting, Grant Thornton

D1: Tone from the top? Preventing fraud and corruption from the top down and the bottom up
Megan Dalla Camina Megan Dalla-Camina
Strategist, coach, speaker and author

MC4: Building grit, resilience and well-being
Zrinka Loverncic Zrinka Lovrencic
Managing Director, Great Place to Work Australia

A4: What is a great workplace and why do we need them?

Technology & digital revolution

Diane Watson Diane Watson
Chief Executive Officer, Victoria Agency for Health Information

E6: Using big health data to drive big decisions
Andre Koot Andre Koot FCPA
Chief Financial Officer, Asurion

C3: Financial challenge of digital transformation
Georgia Foster Georgia Foster
Head of Sales A/NZ, Uber for Business

C1: The future of work, where people and technology collide
Levi Aron Levi Aron
Country Manager, Australia, Deliveroo

C1: The future of work, where people and technology collide