After the successful launch of last year's new program format, we’re pleased to announce this structure will be continuing for 2017.

Be captivated with a day of content from acclaimed thought leaders on the big picture trends, then customise your learning on a second day with sessions from a range of content streams.

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Thought Leadership Day

Monday 16 October

8.00am - 8.30am
Registration and arrival refreshments
8.30am - 8.40am
Official opening and welcome
  • Michael Pascoe (MC)
    Finance and economics commentator
    • Michael is one of Australia’s most experienced and entertaining finance and economics commentators, with four decades in newspaper, broadcast and on-line journalism, covering the full gamut of economic and business issues - as well as occasionally straying into more whimsical matters.
    • He describes his job as primarily a fight for keeping perspective amidst the noise and haste of a news cycle with a painfully short attention span and sometimes dubious motives.
    • Michael is a contributing editor for the Fairfax Media BusinessDay web sites and a regular commentator on Channel 7’s Sunrise and news programs.
8.40am - 10.10am
Trends and business impacts
Creating the future – the economic game-changers and megatrends impacti…
With major global events impacting our economy and increasingly advanced technologies being developed, businesses need to get ahead of the curve. Bringing together an economist and futurist, we explore what the future might look like. Gain insight into the macroeconomic issues influencing the local and national economies and stretch your thinking away from your everyday business issues, so you can take advantage of megatrends that will shape how we live our lives. 
  • Paul Bloxham
    Chief Economist (Australia, New Zealand and Global Commodities), HSBC Bank Australia
    • Former economist with the Reserve Bank of Australia for 12 years
    • Regularly contributes commentary and opinion editorials to the media
    • Adjunct Professor at Curtin University
    • Member of Australian National University’s Shadow Reserve Bank board
    • Master of Public Financial Policy, London School of Economics
  • Steve Sammartino
    Digital revolution and disruptive technology expert
    • Steve Sammartino is an author and futurist. 
    • He is the co-host of weekly show #Techtopia on the ABC. 
    • His best-selling book on the technology revolution, "The Great Fragmentation", was launched, has been translated into multiple languages and is a marketing manifesto for the digital age. 
    • Steve has worked in some of the world's largest companies and has founded, built and sold his own startup companies.
10.10am - 10.35am
Morning tea
10.35am - 12.30pm
Trends and business impacts
The technologies driving the future of finance
The business world is rapidly changing. Technology has taken centre stage and is revolutionising how businesses operate and achieve value. We are hearing more about artificial intelligence and automation, blockchain, bitcoin, Big Data, cyber security, data analytics and machine learning. So, what does this mean for the finance function? And how will this impact your team and your role?

Hear from experts in the digital game who will provide a comprehensive update on the latest trends in technology and how organisations are shifting to embrace digital transformation.

Then, question leading Australian CFOs who will candidly discuss the direct impact of these technologies on the finance function and what they are doing to change the mindset of the finance team.
  • Ramy Aziz FCPA
    Chief Financial Officer, ASX Limited

    • Chief Financial Officer of ASX since July 2010
    • Responsible for ASX's finance, corporate strategy, investor relations and facilities functions
    • Previously Group Financial Controller at ASX, and prior to the ASX/SFE merger, held the same role at SFE Corporation Limited
    • Held various senior finance positions within the finance industry including Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary of Austrapay Limited
    • Prior to that held a number of positions within The Chase Manhattan Bank (now known as JP Morgan) covering financial control, financial accounting and management reporting within the wholesale banking division and the central finance 
  • Shara Evans
    Technology Futurist and Chief Executive Officer, Market Clarity
    • Shara is the Founder and CEO of Market Clarity, an award-winning technology analyst firm that provides insight, intelligence and advice on all aspects of the emerging technologies markets. 
    • Shara is a regular media commentator on technology issues — appearing on shows such as Sky News, The Drum, Lateline, 7:30 - and is regularly quoted in publications such as the Financial Review, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian and many others. 
    • Shara helps her clients understand new product and service opportunities working with executive, strategy and product teams, getting organisations to think outside the box of what's available today to imagine the world in 10 - 20 years.
  • Nick Giurietto
    CEO and Managing Director, Australian Digital Commerce Association
    • Nick Giurietto leads the Australian Digital Commerce Association, Australia’s industry representative council for organisations driving business change and developing new business models using blockchain technology.
    • Nick was responsible for the development of the Australian Digital Currency Code of Conduct which establishes best practice standards for digital currency businesses in Australia and has been modelled in other countries.
    • Nick has worked with the Australian Government on issues, including the taxation treatment of digital currencies, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations and identifying use-cases for deployment of blockchain solutions within government.
  • Jo Hands
    Chief Financial Officer, Sensis
    • Jo is responsible for company strategy and planning, financial integrity, risk management, pricing and analytics and data strategy.
    • She joined Sensis in 2010, and became CFO in March 2016.
    • Jo began her career at Ernst & Young. As a Senior Manager in the Audit group she looked after a portfolio including Exxon Mobil, BHPB, Carter Holt Harvey, BP, Australia Post and BlueScope Steel Limited.
  • Richard McLean
    Regional Chief Financial Officer, SAP Asia Pacific
    • Richard joined SAP in 2008 as the Chief Financial Officer for Australia and New Zealand, and in January 2015 was appointed as Regional Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific Japan (APJ). He is also a member of the Senior Executive Team.
    • In his current position, Richard oversees all key field and regional HQ finance & administration functions, with responsibility for all countries in APJ, supporting annual revenue of over €2.5 billion with more than 16,000 employees.
    • Richard has over twenty years of experience in senior finance roles with leading global companies across a range of industries including Financial Services, Investment Banking, Automotive and IT.
    • He spent the first 12 years of his career in the UK, before relocating to Sydney, Australia in 2003, where he transitioned to the ANZ IT sector, initially with PeopleSoft, and then Microsoft, before joining SAP in 2008.
    • At Microsoft, he led the local transition of transactional finance processes to 3rd party off-shore BPO operations in India and China.
  • Wade Tubman
    Group Executive - Analytics and Insights, Quantium
    • Joined Quantium from PwC in 2010 
    • Wade leads the Analytics and Insights business 
    • His team use unique data assets and applied analytics to deliver business outcomes across a wide range of industries including retail, property, financial services and loyalty programs.
12.30pm - 1.40pm
1.40pm - 2.45pm
Strategy and leadership
Storytelling for business
Storytelling is the #1 business skill necessary to connect, motivate, and lead people in today’s world. Stories compel us to engage in experiences, learn lessons, and define our values and ourselves within our organization. Matthew Luhn, a 20-year Pixar story veteran, brings his experience creating and developing 10 blockbuster films at Pixar, and provides practical strategies that teach and inspire people and teams to connect more effectively with audiences. Matthew uses the power of storytelling to bridge the gap between business and heart, driving your story toward one unforgettable selling point.
  • Matthew Luhn
    Original Storyteller, Pixar Animation Studios (USA)
    • Accomplished storyteller, instructor, keynote speaker and story consultant
    • Over 20 years’ experience creating stories and characters at Pixar Animation Studios
    • Matthew’s story credits include Toy Story 1,2,3, Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Finding Nemo, UP, Cars, Ratatouille and other films currently in development.
    • His most recent clients include Adidas, Facebook, BBC, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Brothers, Apple, Disney, Google, and many more.
    • Matthew has been training CEOs, Directors, and other professionals in how to craft and tell stories for Fortune 500 companies, Academy Award winning movies, and corporate brands grossing billions of dollars worldwide.
2.45pm - 3.55pm
Personal development
Dare to be different!
Dare to be different is an exciting new format delivering short, impactful presentations from our most daring speakers.

1. Dare to be negative
What if the surest way to be forgettable was to be likeable? What if the only way to move forward was to say no? What if we all spoke French? This talk is about how daring to harness the power of negativity, counterintuitive as it may seem, can take us all further than we think.

2. Dare to innovate like a start-up
Do start-ups innovate better than corporates? Yes - they do! Why do so few corporates have a strategy for external innovation to harness disruption? What brands are doing this well around the world? What's the solution and how can we create a process so that both sides achieve amazing commercial outcomes? Karen dares to show you how.

3. Dare to dance like nobody's watching
Dancing is about so much more than moving in time to music. It’s about connections, communication, focus and confidence. The confidence to make mistakes and learn from them being a valuable life lesson and in Jarryd’s own words “falling and failing is where you learn the most”. What could dance teach you? Should you dare to dance?
  • Elliot Costello
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, YGAP /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/elliot_costello.jpg?h=180&w=180
  • Karen Lawson
    Chief Executive Officer, Slingshot Accelerator
    • Karen Lawson is an award winning business executive and leader in the digital industry. 
    • Prior to her role at Slingshot, Karen served as CEO of CareerOne, a joint venture between News Limited and Monster Worldwide. With a remit to forge a new digital strategy, Karen reinvented the traditional job board into a leading targeting and digital business offering media, employer branding, SaaS and sourcing solutions. CareerOne went on to be awarded a spot in the coveted BRW ‘Top 50 most innovative companies’ list for 2014. 
    • She also served as General Manager – Business at Yahoo!7 where she held full commercial and operational responsibility for data, advertising, publishing, technology, search, mobile and strategic partnerships, including the Microsoft Bing alliance. 
  • Jarryd Byrne
    Professional dancer and choreographer, Fit2move
    • Growing up in Wagga Wagga, Jarryd started dancing at the age of eight and at eighteen moved to Sydney to follow his dancing dream.
    • Success in competitions both nationally and internationally led Jarryd to his first big show ‘Burn the floor’, quickly followed by Dancing with the Stars and the biggest role of his career, playing Nathan Starkey in Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom the Musical, which toured Australia for two years.
    • Jarryd is now focused on his dance company, Fit2Move which focuses on health and fitness through dance.
  • Iona Macgregor
    Chief Strategy Officer, Marcel Sydney
    • Half-Scottish, Half-French, Iona made her way into advertising after studying philosophy at Oxford University and political sciences in Paris.
    • Her work at Marcel Sydney, a creative agency that aims to makes things that change things – and forms part of the global Publicis network, involves steering brand strategy (aka fighting indifference and apathy) for the agency’s local and global, corporate and consumer clients.
    • Iona shares her passion for building bold, iconic brands with students of Miami Ad School and UNSW.
    • The rest of her life includes learning about bugs, patience and the universe with her four-year-old son.
3.55pm - 4.20pm
Afternoon tea
4.20pm - 5.30pm
Operational transformation
The transformational CFO

During his tenure as CFO at Tesla, Jason raised some $3bn in equity and finance, led the company in its second ever profitable quarter, and co-led Tesla’s acquisition of Solar City, which transformed Tesla into the world’s first vertically integrated, sustainable energy company.

Elon Musk credits Jason for preparing Tesla to scale for the launch of the Model 3 – arguably the most anticipated car in the known universe – and during Jason’s final months (he left in April this year) orders for the Model S and X reached record highs. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy and Jason has certainly played a part.

Previously VP of Finance at Google Inc for more than 13 years, Jason lead the global finance function and managed a global organisation of top notch professionals, several of whom have themselves become CFOs in public and private companies. Jason’s own focus is now on the public sector, but before his next move, be the first in Australia to hear from this transformational CFO.

  • Jason Wheeler
    Former Chief Financial Officer, Tesla (US)
    • During his time at Tesla Jason raised $1.7bn in equity and more than $1bn in debt finance. He also led Tesla to its second-ever profitable quarter in Q3 2016 and co-led the acquisition of Solar City.
    • Previously VP of Finance at Google Inc. from 2002 – 2015, managing the global organisation of 1000 professionals. He led the global finance function and was Head of Finance for EMEA Operations.
    • He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in finance from Colorado State University, where he graduated first in his class.

Customise your program day

Tuesday 17 October

7.45am - 8.15am
Registration and arrival refreshments
8.15am - 9.15am
Trends and business impacts
Ignite your thinking
Ignite your thinking is an exciting session where you will hear the latest thought leadership ideas from a dynamic line up of speakers. These short impactful presentations on trending subject areas are designed to inspire.

Ignite one: This sharing economy – new workplace trends
Technology enables opportunity and the ability to do things differently, and is embraced by entrepreneurs the world over. The opportunity for professionals to build their own unique career paths has never been more prevalent. Hear from this corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, who is forging her own path on the fringes of Melbourne’s CBD. What are the new workplace trends and just where could a sharing economy lead?

Ignite two: You’ve already been hacked, you just don’t know it yet
An inevitability of modern day life is that sooner or later, you’re going to be hacked. It may be your online accounts with services like LinkedIn or Dropbox, or perhaps your PC being infected with ransomware. It may even be the connected teddy bear you put in your child’s bedroom or the connected car you recently bought. All of these and many more have had serious security incidents, often by exploiting trivial flaws and often without the knowledge of those impacted by them. In this talk you’ll see just how trivial it is for hackers to compromise online systems and some of the simple tricks they use to target their victims. You’ll also see some fundamental security defences, that is, techniques which take mere minutes to implement yet may save you from losing a lifetime of work, or even worse. It’s a scary, humorous and essential talk to see.

Ignite three: Relax. Nothing is under control!
Everybody will agree that putting a ladder over a banana-peel is not the most efficient solution to avoid slipping on the peel. But most organisations have a lot of ladders - inefficient rules, systems, procedures, assumptions - some due to uncertainty, lack of trust and fear of change. But in times of disruptive change, organisations need professionals who can turn problems into opportunities and change their thinking patterns.
  • Sheree Rubinstein
    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, One Roof
    • Sheree Rubinstein is a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur. 
    • As the co-founder and CEO of One Roof, Sheree is an expert in curating spaces, communities and programs that nurture and inspire female entrepreneurs. 
    • In two years, One Roof has established female centric co-working spaces in four cities across Australia and the USA, engaged and supported 10,000+ women, hosted 500+ educational events and launched the One Roof PLUS accelerator dedicated to early stage female founders. 
    • One Roof has been regarded as Australia's leading co-working space dedicated to women-led businesses, home to 70+ companies and hosting on average four events every week. 
    • Sheree was nominated by the Foundation for Young Australian's as one of Australia's top young innovators in 2015 and awarded the 2016 Victorian Young Achievers Leadership Award.
  • Troy Hunt
    Author, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP - Developer Security
    • Troy is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, Pluralsight author and world-renowned internet security specialist. 
    • He spends his time teaching developers how to break into their own systems before helping to piece them back together to be secure against today’s online threats. 
    • He’s also the creator of “Have I been owned?”, the free online service for breach monitoring and notifications.
  • Cyriel Kortleven
    Futurist (Belgium)
    • Cyriel Kortleven is on a mission in life: to deliver an inspiring boost to the creative and entrepreneurial mindset of professionals in change.
    • Cyriel stimulates people to break their fixed-thinking patterns and inspires you to unleash your full potential.
    • He has over 15 years’ experience in creativity and innovation and is the author of four books.
Concurrent sessions
9.25am - 10.15am
Trends and business impacts
Changemakers – housing as part of your wealth creation strategy

A discussion on the variables an investor must consider when looking at property as part of their wealth creation strategy. Experts will consider factors affecting property investment and how they relate to the current housing affordability crisis in Australia.

Delegates can expect insights and strategies for both those entering the property market and those advancing their investment strategies through property.

  • Greg Dickason
    Executive Director, CoreLogic
    • Greg Dickason is an innovation and thought leader who currently heads up CoreLogic International Innovation and Technology.
    • He helps organisations to understand future movements around global innovation and cutting-edge strategies, and the effectiveness of out-of-the-box business models. 
    • He is a regular contributor to the Australian Financial review and industry news sites.
    • Greg holds an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland and a Master of Engineering from the University of Cape Town.
  • Peter Munckton
    Chief Economist, Bank of Queensland
    • Peter has an economics (honours) degree from the University of Western Australia. 
    • He has worked at the Federal Treasury in Canberra for five years, Bankers Trust in Sydney for five years in a variety of senior roles in financial market research. He then moved to CBA, first as the Head of Financial Market Research and then moving to a senior role in corporate strategy. 
    • After leaving CBA, Peter co-authored two papers that received substantial media attention on the Australian and Chinese financial systems. 
    • Peter has been at the Bank of Queensland since June 2014, where his main responsibility is to provide economic and financial market advice to clients

  • Daniel Noble
    • Daniel is the Chief Executive Officer at, a property investment platform that helps everyday Australians get into property without the need for debt. 
    • Daniel started his career in the Australian venture capital space in the late 90’s, focusing on investments in the technology and telecommunications sector. 
    • In 1999, he was involved in range of corporate M&A transactions which resulted in him moving to Asia to head up a team focused on identifying business for acquisitions.
  • Andy Gooden
    Chief Operating Officer, Little Real Estate
    • Has guided large teams to successful outcomes for nearly 10 years.
    • Held senior management positions across a variety of industries, including banking, wealth management and SMSF, before turning to real estate.
    • Drives an industry-shifting strategic plan for Little Real Estate, with a genuine drive to deliver an exceptional and differentiating customer experience.
    • Has a keen eye for identifying and capitalising on market trends, while still emphasising a people-focused approach.
9.25am - 10.15am
Finance fundamentals
Future financial performance management – how to prepare for the unexpe…
As Head of Group Financial Performance at Westpac, Cameron Howell was simultaneously tasked with leading the investigation into the impact of the surprise Major Bank Levy announced in this years’ Federal Budget, and overseeing the final preparation of the Board Strategy Review papers – a complex three-year performance projection. To manage these two major tasks, Cameron drew on his experience and vast internal network to create a virtual team capable of producing insightful advice swiftly. This experience led Cameron to reflect the changing nature of the skills required for future financial performance managers, and the increased value of finance professionals in helping companies to chart their future.
  • Cameron Howell
    Head of Group Finance Performance, Westpac
    • Cameron has spent over twenty years with the Westpac Group and has worked in almost all aspects of Westpac’s retail and institutional banking operations, from front office to Finance, and Self Service to Strategy.
    • Cameron was also Chairman of Westpac Bank of Samoa in 2012 and prior to that was a Trustee of the Westpac NZ Staff Superannuation Fund and shareholder representative for Paymark Ltd, New Zealand's leading payment network.
    • He is currently Westpac’s appointed director and Chairman of Vipro Pty Ltd, an industry cheque processing organisation.
    • His key strength lies in effective general management – the ability to span strategic and operational considerations and the ability to lead and motivate people with diverse roles, backgrounds, cultures, dreams and objectives.
9.25am - 10.15am
Operational transformation
Shift your mindset - a survival kit for professionals in change
In this session Cyriel unpacks how we can challenge ‘stuck thinking’ to make room for new ideas, new products and services, more revenue and less red tape.

This survival kit will equip you to:
• get the right mindset for change
• dare to go for your ‘GiGa’ dream and suspend your judgement
• learn a simple method to triple the number of ideas you have.
  • Cyriel Kortleven
    Futurist (Belgium)
    • Cyriel Kortleven is on a mission in life: to deliver an inspiring boost to the creative and entrepreneurial mindset of professionals in change.
    • Cyriel stimulates people to break their fixed-thinking patterns and inspires you to unleash your full potential.
    • He has over 15 years’ experience in creativity and innovation and is the author of four books.
9.25am - 10.15am
Strategy and leadership
Attract, recruit and retain the best – what you need to know to be a gr…
According to the World Bank, the global services industry's contribution to global GDP is over 70 per cent and is the fastest growing industry in the world, meaning that the world’s largest resource is, in fact, human capital. However, when organisations think about optimising efficiency, they tend to look at assets and resources such as machinery, output, suppliers, the supply chain, infrastructure and logistics; frequently not focusing on that most important asset... human capital. Companies need to shift their attention and put employees at the centre of operational optimisation. This session will outline a unique model which helps companies create a great place to work for their employees which not only increases shareholder returns, it also means that companies retain, attract and recruit the best.
  • Zrinka Loverncic
    Managing Director, Great Place to Work Australia
    • Since 2008, Zrinka has been working with organisations across a variety of industries and locations to assess their workplace cultures and support them as they seek to transform their organisations to become not only great workplaces, but increase their shareholder returns. 
    • As the MD of Great Place to Work Australia, Zrinka is the curator of the Business Review Weekly “Best Places to Work” list published each year, and is a featured speaker on workplace trends and management strategies. 
    • She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Management from Macquarie University, as well as an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. 
    • Zrinka was awarded NSW Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards (2013).
9.25am - 10.15am
Personal development
Effective communication of data and digits to influence stakeholders
This session will demonstrate how to gain traction with your financial analysis and communications to deliver compelling commercial proposals and positive business outcomes.

In addition, this session will:
• provide ways to transform your financial presentations and communications to make them more accessible and impactful to all your stakeholders
• help you to create financial savvy and impactful visual aids
• help you do less, but influence more, by making your business communications come alive
• show you how to create strong business proposals and communications that influence your stakeholders to say "YES!"
  • Brendan Hargreaves CPA
    Divisional General Manager, Cleanaway /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/brendan_hargreaves.jpg?h=180&w=180
9.25am - 10.15am
Sector in focus
Going underground on Victoria's largest public infrastructure project
Key points:
• An overview of the project and its benefits
• The challenges and opportunities of building the support function from the ground up
• The role of the Melbourne Metro Rail Authority
  • Wayne Reaburn FCPA
    Director Finance & Administration, Melbourne Metro Rail Authority Wayne led the finance and administration function for some of the Victorian Government's largest projects over the past ten years, most recently the $4 billion Regional Rail Link. His previous experience was in the private sector where he held regional Finance Director roles for multinationals. /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/wayne_reaburn.jpg?h=180&w=180
10.15am - 10.40am
Morning tea
Concurrent sessions
10.40am - 11.30am
Trends and business impacts
Tax evasion and the black economy
  • Michael Andrew AO
    Chair, Black Economy Taskforce
    • Mr Andrew was Chairman and CEO, KPMG International from May 2011 to July 2014. He is the first Australian CEO of one of the “big four” accounting firms and the first to be based in the Asia-Pacific region, and a partner in KPMG since 1988.
    • Mr Andrew is a former member of the Business Council of Australia and the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.
    • He has a degree in Law and Commerce from Melbourne University, is a qualified Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He was recently awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by Monash University and an Honorary Doctor of Commerce by Melbourne University.
    • Mr Andrew was appointed Chairman to the Board of Taxation in January 2015, and Chairman to the Black Economy Taskforce in December 2016. The Taskforce is to provide a final report to Government in October 2017.
10.40am - 11.30am
Finance fundamentals
Latest developments in standard-setting
In this session the representative from the Australian Accounting Standards Board will cover:
• AASB strategic directions
• financial reporting framework
• reduced disclosure requirements
• disclosure initiative projects
• public sector licences
• insurance contracts
• service concession arrangements – grantors.
  • Clark Anstis
    Technical Principal, Australian Accounting Standards Board
    • Clark has worked in accounting standard-setting roles in Australia, the USA and the UK since 1987.
    • As Technical Principal for the AASB, Clark’s current responsibilities cover many of the Accounting Standard-related projects, and related regulatory matters.
    • He has been involved with many areas at the AASB including four years (and again currently) as Technical Advisor to the Australian member of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board, and seven years addressing implementation issues through the former Urgent Issues Group.
    • Prior to becoming a standard setter, Clark worked in auditing, technical and education roles based in Melbourne, but also with experience in Singapore and Indonesia.
10.40am - 11.30am
Operational transformation
Procurement and contract management for the search for MH370
Following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014, the Australian Government found itself leading a search and recovery operation in the southern Indian Ocean. 

Jason outlines the lessons learned from managing resources of $200 million, contributed by a number of nations, from a small government agency with a base annual appropriation of around $18 million. Jason discusses the major procurements undertaken and the challenges of managing large contracts associated with this intricate yet extensive project.
  • Jason McGuire FCPA
    Program Governance and Finance Manager, Operational Search for MH370, Australian Transport Safety Bureau
    • 25 years’ experience in financial management and program management within Commonwealth and State Government jurisdictions
    • Holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in accounting and a minor in finance from the University of Tasmania and is a Fellow of CPA Australia
    • Has been in his current role as Program Governance and Finance Manager for the operational search activities for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) since May 2014
10.40am - 11.30am
Strategy and leadership
Leading change, with high performance and multi-generational teams
Productive change can be exciting and challenging, helping develop stronger more cohesive teams. Unproductive change can generate fear and mistrust, resulting in disrupted teams. This session explores the qualities, skills and tools needed to lead productive change. With a focus on high performance and multi-generational teams we examine the experience of change and the effect it has on individuals, teams and organisations. Based on real case studies and experiences, this enjoyable session will shift your thinking and give you refreshing insights into leading change.
  • Nigel Sutton
    Founder, NDS Productions
    • Nigel is an accomplished speaker, trainer and facilitator.
    • He has worked with a broad range of industries including Retail, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Conservation, Health and Information technology as well as government agencies, Zoos and Museums.
    • He is the owner and Creative Director of NDS Productions, a company specialising in visitor, customer and audience engagement.
    • He has national and international experience in successfully building, developing, motivating, leading and managing multi-disciplined, intergenerational teams through periods of change, and translating strategy into operational outcomes.
    • From sharing the screen with Billy Connolly, working with Zookeepers and Silverback Gorillas, or developing education programs for a new Slavery Museum in Qatar, Nigel’s unique perspectives will bring you refreshing insights and practical skills for leading change.
10.40am - 11.30am
Personal development
Drugs and mental health at work – what you need to know!
How well are your employees coping with stress? Some will rely on alcohol/drugs to self-medicate to reduce the pressure. We know 35 per cent of those with a mental illness will also misuse alcohol and drugs. Is your business at risk?

This session will focus on:
• how alcohol, drugs (including prescription medication) can impact your mental health
• understanding which industries are at risk 
• how to identify if someone has a problem
• what your business can do to reduce their liability.
  • Natasha Jager
    National Manager Workplace Services, Australian Drug Foundation
    • Natasha is an expert in the management of alcohol and drug issues in the workplace, with over fifteen years’ experience leading training, policy development and management strategy across the corporate sector and the armed services. 
    • Natasha currently leads the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s Workplace Services program development and training team – supporting organisations to minimise risk and maximise team productivity through practical alcohol and drug management in the workplace. 
    • She has lectured in Community Mental Health at an undergraduate level, and regularly presents on the best practice management of alcohol and other drugs in a corporate and industrial environment.
10.40am - 11.30am
Sector in focus
It’s time for not-for-profits to get serious about finance

Chris will explore the changing nature of managing NFP finances in the current environment. Calling for leaders to embrace and adopt an enterprising mindset that requires a different way of thinking and acting. He will explore alternative funding options such as:

Impact investment – what it is, why it’s on the rise, how it fits in
Venture philanthropy – what it is, how it works, local example
Social enterprise – the intersection between not-for-profit and for-profit
  • Chris Wilson
    Partner, Philanthropy and Social Capital, Koda Capital
    • Chris’s responsibilities include bringing philanthropic opportunities and solutions to clients. He also provides strategic advice to charitable and non-profit organisations in relation to their governance, endowment practices, capacity building, sustainability, and donor relations activity.
    • Chris has a decade of experience in financial services, working predominantly with high-net-worth individuals, corporations, and charitable institutions. 
    • Chris is Chairman of the Reach Foundation and was a Founding Committee Member of Impact100Melbourne. 
Concurrent sessions
11.40am - 12.30pm
Trends and business impacts
Panel Discussion: The future of work – where people and technology coll…
The proliferation of mobile devices means we are all connected. Not only has this resulted in some individuals working where and when they wish, sometimes for a number of employers, but we are now all able to engage on the go. This new age, this gig or sharing economy has led to the emergence of ‘new’ businesses such as Spotify, Uber and Deliveroo – where will it lead and who’s behind the wheel?
  • Georgia Foster
    Head of Sales, Australia and New Zealand, Uber for Business
    • Georgia has led sales, marketing and product teams in the online tech and media industry for over 13 years, in Australia, New York and Brazil. 
    • Prior to joining Uber she helped successfully launch LinkedIn's Sales Navigator product into the A/NZ market, gaining valuable product, engineering and sales experience in a startup within a startup.
    • Now leading the launch of Uber for Business in A/NZ, she is building out a team and a product suite that is revolutionising the way businesses move their employees, customers and goods.
  • Jessica Hudswell
    Head of Corporate Affairs Australia, Deliveroo
    • Over the past 14 years Jess has delivered results as a senior communications leader. Collecting extensive experience at leading global companies across Australia and the UK, she has tackled many large scale, complex communications challenges across businesses including Telstra, Australia Post, Barclays Capital, and Royal Bank of Scotland.
    • Jess is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and passionately advocates for the mentorship and development of young professionals.
  • Andrea Ingham
    Director of Sales A/NZ, Spotify
    • Andrea is the Head of Sales for Spotify, Australia’s largest Music Streaming service.
    • Prior to joining Spotify in 2015, Andrea was the Head of Sales for Southern Cross Austereo, managing a team of 200 and overseeing the Agency sales business nationally including MMM and Today networks, Regional Radio, Southern Cross regional TV and Digital assets.
    • Before this Andrea was the Sydney Sales Director at the Nine Network and prior to that worked at 2UE and Nova. 
    • Andrea is one of the founders of SWIMM, Senior Women in Media and Marketing, a group that connects and supports Senior Women in the industry via events and mentoring.
    • She is the winner of the B&T Women in Media Awards – Sales, 2014, and a Mumbrella Awards Judge – 2016, 2017. 
  • Jon Williams
    ASEANZ Leader, People and Organisation, PwC
    • Jon has a background in consulting on change management, leadership, organisational culture, human capital management, employee engagement and the alignment of organisation mission and values to achieve business objectives.
    • Jon has nearly 30 years' consulting experience across Europe, Asia and Australia.
    • For the last three years, Jon has focused on the issues around the future of work, particularly as it relates to the collision of accelerating technology with our understanding of the drivers of human behaviour.
    • Jon is a regular conference presenter both in Australia and overseas, and has been featured on Four Corners, Stateline and multiple news programs.
    • Prior to PwC, Jon was Managing Principal for the Gallup Organisation in Australia and New Zealand and prior to this was Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand for Hewitt Associates. 
11.40am - 12.30pm
Finance fundamentals
Tax Update
As we move into a post-Budget phase and the Government navigates its Budget reforms through the Parliament, tax policy continues to take centre stage again during 2017.

In this crucial session, Robyn will guide you through the significant tax issues and policy developments of the last 12 months, including:
• an analysis of the key tax policy measures included in the 2017–18 Federal Budget
• new tax laws and pending measures
• recent case law and significant ATO rulings
• significant ATO announcements, compliance activities and administrative developments.
  • Robyn Jacobson FCPA
    Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter Pty Ltd
    • Robyn Jacobson is well known in tax training circles, having been a professional tax trainer for nearly 20 years and a regular conference presenter at CPA Australia events.
    • Following a solid grounding in public practice, Robyn established and ran her own tax training business, Cyntax, before its merger with TaxBanter in 2011.
    • Robyn is a Fellow of CPA Australia, Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser of The Tax Institute and a Registered Tax Agent. 
    • She is also a member of CPA Australia’s Victorian Public Practice Committee and regularly represents CPA Australia at ATO consultations.

11.40am - 12.30pm
Operational transformation
Financial challenge of digital transformation
Organisations that are equipped to efficiently generate and respond to insights are at a distinct advantage to their peers in this rapidly changing business environment. As a finance leader, how do you create an insight-driven, forward-looking culture that permeates the organisation? Gain insights into finance transformation, including a focus on current and emerging trends and the keys to success.
  • Andre Koot FCPA
    Chief Financial Officer, Asurion /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/andre-koot.jpg?h=180&w=180
11.40am - 12.30pm
Strategy and leadership
Why most companies hedge Outside In when they should be hedging Inside …
Instead of guessing where the financial markets may be heading, in order to hedge key risks directors should instead be listening to their financial experts and understanding what the company needs from the markets to which it is exposed, before deciding how to manage that risk. It is those who truly understand the numbers who need to take the leadership position and lead from the Inside-Out.
  • Sean Russo
    Principal and Managing Director, Noah’s Rule
    • Sean is actively involved at Noah's Rule, providing strategic Market Risk Advisory services to CEO's, Company Boards and Senior Management with significant financial market and commodity market risks.
    • He is a passionate advocate for companies developing a high degree of risk awareness, properly integrating financial market risk management within broader corporate policy and strategy, not simply surrendering to be a price taker, riding the price cycle for good or bad.
    • Prior to forming Noah's Rule Pty Ltd in August 2004, Sean was the Managing Director of Treasury and a member of the Executive Committee of NM Rothschild and Sons (Australia) Limited.
11.40am - 12.30pm
Personal development
It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!
This is a practical, ‘on your feet’ session that examines the techniques to assist financial presenters to successfully deliver their messages. Applying the philosophy and expertise of NIDA, this session explores the skills essential to being seen and heard, with a focus on physical and vocal presence. Get out of your comfort zone with play-based exercises to enhance your confidence and resilience as a communicator.
  • Isabella Dunwill
    Melbourne Manager, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)
    • Isabella has extensive experience delivering presentation and communication skills training for professionals working in the public and private sectors.
    • She graduated from NIDA with a Bachelor of Dramatic Art (Acting), studied Law and Commerce at Deakin University, holds a Master of Business (Electronic Business and Communication) from Swinburne University, and a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) from Monash University.
    • Her television credits include Wentworth, Offspring, Thank God You're Here, Neighbours, The Secret Life of Us, Stingers, Halifax FP, and Frontline.
    • Her film credits include WIL, A Black and White World and in the AFI winning short, The Projectionist.
11.40am - 12.30pm
Sector in focus
Two common finance mistakes made in business
Do you want to know why most businesses fail in Australia? Do you want to know the fundamental mistake made by most business owners? Do you want to know why most business owners shy away from numbers?

Finance Academy Australia (FAA) researched and analysed hundreds of businesses heading towards bankruptcy or making very low profit and discovered two common finance mistakes.

This interactive session will provide insight on:
• why most business owners do not have meaningful conversation with accountants
• what key decision makers expect from financial experts
• how to get non-finance people excited about numbers
• the future of financial reporting.
  • Chinmay Ananda
    Founder, Finance Academy
    • Chinmay Ananda is Financial Educator & Pricing Strategist at Finance Academy Australia. His mission is to help people in business to make more money than they spend.
    • He is the proud owner of six failed businesses. He’s proud to have failed so many times, as it spurred him to find out the reasons why. Researching hundreds of businesses and understanding what caused them to fail, he soon launched Finance Academy.
    • Over the past five years, Chinmay has trained and consulted 700 business owners and non-financial managers in corporate, government and family businesses, to help them feel empowered to make profitable decisions based on facts, and not mere assumptions. Increasing financial literacy is at the cornerstone of what he does.
    • He is known for the research on hundreds of failed businesses to discover ‘Two Common Finance Mistakes made in Business’ which he has presented to the Australian Taxation Office, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Small Business Victoria Festival, Business Schools, and various Industry Associations and Councils.
12.30pm - 2.10pm
Business lunch: From Lonely Planet to driving the Silk Road in an MG...…
A trek along Asia’s ‘hippie trail’ in 1972 led Tony to write the first Lonely Planet guide and The New York Times to describe him as "the trailblazing patron saint of the world’s backpackers and adventure travellers". Since the sale of Lonely Planet, Tony has been involved with the Planet Wheeler Foundation’s work in South-East Asia and East Africa, and in the establishment of Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas. Tony is also a director of Global Heritage Fund, which works to protect and develop archaeological sites in the developing world. Even without Lonely Planet as an incentive, he finds plenty of excuses to travel, most recently a little 103-day drive along the Silk Road from Bangkok to London in an old MG sports car.

Come travel with Tony and hear of some his adventures first hand at Melbourne Congress Business lunch.

Proudly sponsored by:

  • Tony Wheeler AO
    Founder, Lonely Planet /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/tony-wheeler.jpg?h=180&w=180
Concurrent sessions
2.10pm - 3.00pm
Trends and business impacts
Tone from the top? Preventing fraud and corruption – from the top down …
This presentation will look at risks of corporate culture at the top of organisations failing to prevent fraud and corruption, demonstrated by real examples. The overall theme will be that, instead of relying on 'tone at the top' to drive a strong ethical culture, everyone has a role to play, from employees to professional advisors. Attendees will gain increased awareness and learn practical, but sometimes challenging, steps in managing risks of fraud and corruption in their own and their client’s organisations, including ethical challenges and responsibilities.
  • Shane MacDonald CPA
    Partner - Financial Advisory Forensic Consulting, Grant Thornton Shane has over 25 years of professional experience across both the private and public sectors, working in both Australia and overseas. He is a forensic accountant and expert in fraud and corruption risk management and investigations and has consulted across a broad range of sectors. Shane advises clients on strategies to prevent, detect and investigate serious misconduct and non-compliance. /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/shane-macdonald.jpg?h=180&w=180
2.10pm - 3.00pm
Finance fundamentals
Super update
  • James O'Halloran
    Deputy Commissioner Superannuation, Australian Tax Office
    • James has national responsibility for the ATO’s role in the regulation of APRA funds and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.
    • In this role he works closely with the Superannuation industry, advisors and other regulatory agencies.
    • Prior to this, James was Deputy Commissioner, Indirect Tax with responsibility for the Goods and Services Tax and Excise. 
    • He has also served as Deputy Commissioner, Tax Practitioner and Lodgment Strategy with accountabilities for the ATO’s services and relationship with tax practitioners.

2.10pm - 3.00pm
Strategy and leadership
Taking the lead in sustainability
Organisations across all sectors (corporate, public sector, not for profit) are increasingly aware of the environmental, social and ethical impacts of their business. Opportunities to positively impact an organisation's sustainability journey reside at every level of an organisation, and often require multi-disciplinary, collaborative approaches to problem solve and innovate.

Debate has moved beyond the assumption that responsibility lies solely with governments to legislate on these issues, with organisations now taking a more proactive approach. As experts in measurement, data control, analysis, reporting and monitoring, it makes sense that accounting and financial leaders are in a unique position to influence the sustainability agenda.

In this session, we explore global sustainable development challenges and understand the role that organisations play in contributing to solutions, and explore collaborative ways to apply technical and practical skills to drive organisational change.
  • Eleanor Jackson
    Program Lead, Oxfam-Monash Partnership
    • Eleanor is Program Lead for the Oxfam Monash Partnership, a research collaboration that brings together the differing, yet complementary, resources of the NGO and the academic sector for research projects that empower communities on the ground.
    • Eleanor has 15 years of international and in-Australia experience in the areas of maternal and child health, health, HIV, gender, disaster management, sexual and gender based violence, and gender mainstreaming.
  • Nicholas McGuigan
    Associate Professor, Monash University
    • Nick actively creates future-oriented accounting education programs that focus on innovation, creativity and design thinking.
    • To advance such work he co-founded The Accountability Institute, a progressive platform with an aim to foster collaborations between art, science, technology and economics, bringing these fields into conversation to create a new language of business – a language of accountability.
    • He researches in the areas of integrated thinking, learning technologies, holistic systems design and regenerative economics.
2.10pm - 3.00pm
Strategy and leadership
The creative leader
Discover the untapped talent and skill you need to truly thrive as a leader today.

In this session, you will:
• learn why the World Economic Form research calls out creativity as the #3 most critical skill for leaders
• learn why creativity matters for you as a leader, regardless of your role
• discover the traits of a creative leader, what you can do differently and how it will impact productivity and people
• learn the steps and gain the tools to create immediate change for yourself, and for your teams.
  • Megan Dalla-Camina
    Strategist, coach, speaker and author
    • Megan is a strategist, coach, speaker and author passionate about creating positive change.
    • She has worked for GE, PwC and IBM in the areas of business strategy, marketing, gender diversity, leadership, culture and change management.
    • Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, BRW and she writes for Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and other media on business, leadership and unlocking success.
2.10pm - 3.00pm
Personal development
MINDFULNESS - Being focused and in the now allows us to be better in all areas of our lives.

In this session:
• Understand what mindfulness is and how you can benefit from it.
• Learn practical ways and techniques to help you live more mindfully.
• Be inspired to embark on your own 12 month mindfulness project.
  • Sue Glasser
    Workshop Consultant, kikki.K
    • Sue Glasser is a well-known consultant, speaker and mentor within the fields of mindset and organisation. 
    • Sue shares kikki-K workshops which are designed to help you live your best life and include topics such as mindfulness, goals, habits, happiness and organisation.
    • Sue's understanding within these areas, combined with her passion for training and coaching mean her workshops are not to be missed.
2.10pm - 3.00pm
Sector in focus
Google for not for profits
Google now have a range of great donations on offer to not for profits. Find out what it means for your organisation, what’s on offer and how you can best make use of the program.

Ryan from Refuel Creative will walk you through the key aspects of the Google for Nonprofits program, and answer all of your key questions, including:
• G Suite - how your organisation can host email, files, and more for free with Google
• Google Ad Grants - how your organisation can boost your marketing and fundraising with $10,000 per month to spend on Google AdWords
• YouTube Nonprofit program - boost your video and content marketing with YouTube.

He will also cover how to register for the program and get your not for profit validated.
  • Ryan Jones
    Managing Director, Refuel Creative
    • Ryan Jones is the Managing Director of Refuel Creative, a full service marketing and technology consultancy servicing not for profits and small to medium businesses across Australia and New Zealand.
    • Refuel is a badged Google Partner, demonstrating advanced knowledge in Google AdWords advertising products.
    • Ryan is also certified in AdWords and Analytics, and frequently presents Google AdWords training courses for not for profits.
    • Ryan has over 20 years' experience in web development and marketing, mixing his love of technology and design to produce outstanding results for a range of clients.
Concurrent sessions
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Trends and business impacts
Cyber risk - a different perspective
Earlier this year, the world’s largest ransomware ‘WCry ‘cyberattack struck, affecting many Australian businesses. Attacks like this require swift action to address system weaknesses and staff awareness. In this informative session, Stan will shed light on the different types of cybercrime we now face and the criminal motivations of hackers, whilst providing practical tips to manage cyber risk and minimise the disruption and potential losses from a major breach.
  • Stan Gallo
    Partner, KPMG Forensic (Perth & Brisbane) and National Leader, KPMG Forensic Technology
    • A former deep cover police operative, involved in trafficking in narcotics, firearms and electronic data  
    • A risk management specialist in the identification, seizure and analysis of digital evidence in the fields of cyber incident response, computer forensics and discovery related litigation support
    • Authored a number of technology related articles in a range of publications and been involved in media appearances, publications and presentations both in Australia and internationally  
    • National Lead of KPMG’s Forensic Technology team providing advice and insights to organisations looking to minimise cyber risk and assists them in responding to incidents when they do occur
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Finance fundamentals
Understanding the basics to sense check the data - an accountant's pers…
Data analytics involves the dynamic nature of dashboards, coupled with the ability to mashup data from multiple sources and analyse it from many different perspectives. This presents an exciting opportunity for accountants who have the knowledge and understand the basics to critically evaluate the output and ask the right questions of the data.
  • Fahim Khondaker
    Principal Adviser, Data Analytics and Insights, BDO
    • Fahim is a Principal Adviser at BDO and leads BDO’s Data Analytics and Insights service offering in Brisbane. 
    • He also has extensive experience in providing a range of corporate advisory services including corporate finance and management consulting. 
    • Fahim studied commerce and economics at the University of Queensland and is a Chartered Accountant. 
    • Outside of work, Fahim is a guest lecturer for the University of Queensland’s MBA Program, the co-founder of an app development startup and is involved with a number of charities and community organisations which promote social cohesion and understanding.
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Operational transformation
Finance partnering in the creative environment
In this session, you'll learn:
• the importance of a finance partner to the rest of the business
• the value finance partnering brings to the organisation
• how to use finance partnering to grow the audience
• critical factors to success.
  • Deirdre Blythe
    Executive Director Operations and Chief Financial Officer, Arts Centre Melbourne
    • Deirdre leads the Operations team at Arts Centre Melbourne (ACM), Australia’s largest and busiest performing arts centre. 
    • Her responsibilities include Finance, IT, Facilities Management, ACM’s Food and Beverage businesses, Legal and Governance.
    • Deirdre’s experience has mainly been in large, complex multi-site organisations in both the private and public sectors. 
    • This broad experience has been helpful at ACM, which includes a number of interrelated commercially oriented businesses and self-generates 75 per cent of its income, whilst fulfilling a wider purpose as a statutory authority of the Creative Industries portfolio within DEDJTR.
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Strategy and leadership
Panel discussion: Panama Papers, illicit financial flows and the import…

The Panama Papers leaks brought to light the murky side of a financial system that allows big businesses and wealthy individuals to hide billions of dollars. In Australia more than 800 cases came to light and are now being investigated.

Transparency is vital to stem the flow of illicit financial payments and to restrict the use of tax havens. Developed countries have a responsibility to strengthen their anti-money laundering regimes to ensure that money that should be going to developing countries is not ending up in the pockets of some of the world’s wealthiest corporations and individuals.

This panel will discuss the findings and the cases highlighted by the Panama Papers and outline the measures and the systems being implemented to stem illicit financial flows (IFFs).

  • Gerard Ryle
    Director, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
    • Gerard Ryle led the team that divulged the Panama Papers, the 11.5 million leaked documents from 40 years of activity of the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca that won a 2017 Pulitzer Prize for journalism. 
    • Gerard’s team brought together 376 investigative journalists from 109 news organisations in 76 countries.
    • Before joining as the ICIJ’s first non-American director in September 2011, Ryle spent more than 20 years working as an investigative reporter, author and editor for Fairfax Media.
    • In 2016, Ryle was named as the 55th most powerful person in world finance by Worth magazine. 
  • Dr Lisa Lee
    Senior Economist, Oxfam Australia
    • Dr Lee drives Oxfam Australia’s work tackling global economic inequality, questioning the economic systems that keep people in poverty. 
    • Before joining Oxfam, she served in advisory roles at a number of government departments, including the Australian Productivity Commission, Anti-Dumping Commission, and the Clean Energy Regulator. 
    • Dr Lee is keenly interested in economic development, which was the focus of her post-doctoral research at the United Nations University in Japan and the University of New South Wales. 

  • Shane MacDonald CPA
    Partner - Financial Advisory Forensic Consulting, Grant Thornton Shane has over 25 years of professional experience across both the private and public sectors, working in both Australia and overseas. He is a forensic accountant and expert in fraud and corruption risk management and investigations and has consulted across a broad range of sectors. Shane advises clients on strategies to prevent, detect and investigate serious misconduct and non-compliance. /~/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/congress-2017/shane-macdonald.jpg?h=180&w=180
  • Stephan Obers
    Detective Superintendent, Australian Federal Police
    • Stephan joined the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in January 1990 and is currently responsible for the supervision of the following investigation teams: Fraud and Anti-Corruption, Criminal Assets Confiscation, and Cybercrime. The teams under Stephan’s command are responsible for investigating a wide range of offences covering: foreign bribery, serious taxation fraud, money laundering, general fraud, proceeds of crime, and cyber intrusions.
    • In 1998, Stephan took leave from the AFP to become a senior investigator with the United Nations’ International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) based in The Hague, Netherlands.
    • Stephan was seconded to the London Metropolitan Police in 2012 to assist in counter terrorism planning for the London Olympics.
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Personal development
Sanity hacks – how to stay calm and productive in the midst of chaos
We all love a simple life hack that makes us more efficient or gives us a new workaround on recurring dilemmas. Toni’s session will give you some sweet hacks to improve your level of happiness while reducing stress and anxiety. You’ll also discover more about yourself, how your brain works and the surprising reason as to why people are reluctant to apologise. This is a fun session with memorable take-aways that will change your life.
  • Toni Powell
    Storyteller, author and inspirational speaker
    • Toni is passionate about what makes people tick, why good relationships work and how to maintain happiness.
    • Toni has also been the subject of a feel-good episode of ABC’s Australian Story called ‘Let There Be Light’.
    • In 2015, she released possibly the shortest self-help book ever: "The Yellow Car – How I Stopped Driving Myself Crazy".
    • ‘Unconventional’, ‘funny’ and ‘profound’ are all words regularly used to describe Toni Powell’s very personal storytelling style of communication.
    • Her varied background includes designing and managing large events, award winning filmmaking and volunteer work with youth.
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Sector in focus
Using big data to drive big decisions
There is a proven intervention in health that simultaneously stimulates reform and monitors the impact of efforts to improve. That is, providing the public and health professionals with timely access to meaningful information that compares the performance of health care organisations and local areas. This presentation will reveal opportunities to improve health care and highlight where big health data has been used to drive improvements in immunisation, patient safety and hospital efficiencies across Australia. 
  • Dr Diane Watson
    Acting Chief Executive Officer, Victorian Agency for Health Information
    • Dr Diane Watson is the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the newly established Victorian Agency for Health Information. 
    • Previously, Dr Watson was the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Performance Authority which was established by all Australian governments to monitor, and report on, the performance of 1000+ public and private hospitals and 300+ health regions. 
    • Dr Watson was also the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Bureau of Health Information. 
    • She has 20 years of senior management experience in leading organisational change - between 1993 and 2016 as chief executive or second-in-charge responsible for establishing five new organisations and overseeing the merger of a further two health information organisations.
    • In these and prior roles, she has set the future direction of high profile, board-governed agencies and inspired a strong sense of purpose among a highly talented and specialised workforce.
4.00pm - 5.00pm
Reflections and connections
An opportunity to reflect on and discuss the key messages and highlights with fellow delegates.
  • Michael Pascoe (MC)
    Finance and economics commentator
    • Michael is one of Australia’s most experienced and entertaining finance and economics commentators, with four decades in newspaper, broadcast and on-line journalism, covering the full gamut of economic and business issues - as well as occasionally straying into more whimsical matters.
    • He describes his job as primarily a fight for keeping perspective amidst the noise and haste of a news cycle with a painfully short attention span and sometimes dubious motives.
    • Michael is a contributing editor for the Fairfax Media BusinessDay web sites and a regular commentator on Channel 7’s Sunrise and news programs.

Annual Research Lecture

Thursday 19 October

The Spot, Basement Lecture Theatre, The University of Melbourne
6.00pm - 7.30pm
Measuring and reporting performance
The annual report on operations and the general purpose financial statements therein are intended to be key accountability documents. Yet there has been increasing debate about whether they fulfil this purpose as effectively as they should. This lecture will discuss the development of service performance measures, assess their current state, and discuss their future role in the context of recent trends toward better integrated reporting.
  • Andrew Greaves FCPA
    Victorian Auditor-General, Victorian Auditor-General’s Office
    • Andrew Greaves commenced his role as Victorian Auditor-General on 19 September 2016.
    • He has over 30 years’ experience in public sector external and internal audit at the federal, state and local government levels. He was the Auditor-General of Queensland from 2011 to 2016.
    • Prior to that, from 2003 to 2011, Andrew held various roles at VAGO, including Assistant Auditor-General, Performance Audit, and Assistant Auditor-General, Financial Audit.
    • Andrew is an Executive Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, a Fellow of CPA Australia, and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. He also holds a Bachelor of Economics from the Australian National University. 


  • Finance fundamentals

    Enhance your core accounting and finance skills in the areas of tax, audit and assurance, compliance, financial planning, analysis and reporting.

  • Operational transformation

    Find out how to transform your business using improved processes and management skills, the latest technologies and shared services.

  • Personal development

    Refine your skills and become a highly productive, effective and well-rounded individual.

  • Sector in focus

    Hear the latest trends and opportunities specific to your sector, including corporate, SME, not for profit and public sector.

  • Strategy and leadership

    Become an outstanding finance leader by enhancing the power of innovation, successfully managing change and driving a high-performance culture.

  • Trends and business impacts

    Understand shifts in the domestic and global economy, the regulatory environment, the latest fraudulent activities, and consumer and competitive markets to build risk mitigation strategies.

Disclaimer of liability
CPA Australia reserves the right to alter any part of this program at any time without notice.