CPA Congress resources

Technology has completely transformed how we think, feel and work. That’s why at CPA Congress 2019, we did things a little differently. Delegates were asked to immerse themselves in technology to develop a greater understanding of the digital world as we explored some of the most significant challenges the finance and accounting professionals are facing within the two key themes for Congress.

Accounting for the robots

Many routine accounting tasks – including tax return preparation, payroll processing, and aspects of audits and banking – will be fully automated using AI-based technologies, which will disrupt the accounting profession. See the opportunity that comes from artificial intelligence, blockchain and robotic process automation, and understand the future skills you’ll need in your finance function.


The digitisation of money will increasingly blur the distinction between money and data. The opportunities are limitless, but the obstacles to creating, managing and regulating digital forms of money are critical to consider. Learn to harness these new technological advancements and apply them to your business and career. Demystify the world of digital currency and tokens, and prepare for its impact on your finance team.