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2018 excel mvps

Liam Bastick

Liam Bastick MVP


An experienced modeller, Liam headed several modelling teams worldwide before establishing boutique consulting firm SumProduct in Australia.
Tim Heng

Tim Heng MVP


With more than ten years’ experience developing and reviewing financial models across a range of industries, Tim has also worked on developing bespoke modelling solutions for business challenges.
Gašper Kamenšek MVP

Gašper Kamenšek MVP


Lead author at ExcelUnplugged.com and MVP since 2016, Gašper is a regular speaker at conferences. He also loves the Power BI suite and is a great fan of OneNote.
Jon Peltier

Jon Peltier MVP

(United States)

As a full-time Excel developer, Jon specialises in combining Excel’s worksheet functionality and charting capabilities with its powerful VBA programming environment.

Ken Puls MVP


Ken is a Chartered Professional Accountant, blogger, author and trainer with more than 20 years of business and financial modelling experience.
Mynda Treacy MVP

Mynda Treacy MVP


An MVP since 2013, Mynda helps users get more out of Excel through her website and blog, and runs online courses in Dashboards, Power Query, Power Pivot and Power BI.