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Saturday 9 June

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  • Mr Paul Ho FCPA (Aust.)
    Divisional President 2018 – Greater China, CPA Australia /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/technical-forum/paul-ho.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=06602bb6cffb4b7a9bb252b099be7be2
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Financial reporting update and current issues (in Cantonese)
Keep up-to-date with recent HKFRS developments and issues arising from their implementation in 2018 and beyond.

Key topics covered:
• New and amended accounting standards and other pronouncements
• Highlight of requirements in, and implementation issues related to, HKFRS 9 Financial instruments, HKFRS 15 Revenue and HKFRS 16 Leases
• Overview of major IASB projects
  • Jim Tang
    Principal, Professional Practice, KPMG /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/technical-forum/jim-tang.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=6d9a52fcd6864945b3e9c9d3c5f4805c
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Transformational Technology in Finance (in Cantonese)
Blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud, IoT, robotics. These are just some of the transformative and “disruptive” technologies mentioned in the press in recent months. Discover which of these technologies will aid finance operations, and which will bring more challenges.

Key topics covered:
• Transformation technologies and their impact
• Key success factors in deploying and implementing these transformation technologies, and the associated risks
  • Michael Pang
    Managing Director, Protiviti Hong Kong /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/technical-forum/michael-pang.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=6057773fff8643baba12003f46e8924c
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Transformation of Hong Kong's tax environment – transfer pricing is com…
On 29 December 2017, the HKSAR Government introduced the draft Inland Revenue Amendment Bill No. 6 (the Amendment Bill) 2017, covering the following areas:

• transfer pricing rules and adjustments that could be imposed by the IRD on non-arm's length domestic and cross-border transactions
• Advance Pricing Arrangements
• OECD documentation requirements
• claims for double taxation relief and consequential obligations.

Gain understanding of the key legislative measures proposed in the Amendment Bill, and how taxpayers can prepare for the new compliance requirements, as well as other potential affects.. The speaker will also address the affacte of the Bill, in light of the absent tax treaty between Hong Kong and Australia.
  • Petrina Chang
    Tax Director, Deloitte Hong Kong /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/technical-forum/petrina-chang.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=5ba815c094054865a4e1a103f76299d1
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Listing innovative and pre-revenue biotech companies on the Hong Kong S…

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange has published proposals to allow tech and innovative companies with weighted voting rights and pre-revenue biotech companies to list on the Main Board of the Exchange.

The proposals include Listing Rule changes aimed at attracting secondary listings of Chinese tech companies which have primary listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market.

The proposed changes are the most innovative since Chinese H share companies were allowed to list in the 1990s, and seek to ensure Hong Kong remains the preferred offshore IPO venue for China’s most successful companies.

With only a one-month consultation process, there have been reports that the new listing regime could be in place as early as June 2018, with the first listings under the regime expected in the second half of the year.

  • Julia Charlton
    Founder and Managing Partner, Charltons /-/media/corporate/allimages/speakers/technical-forum/julia-charlton.jpg?h=180&w=180&rev=3411f3e177ad407697efe0a1c816645a
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  • Accounting for COVID-19

    Gain exclusive insights from experiences and case stories on how finance teams and leaders are navigating the complexities of a COVID-19 impacted world.

  • Accounting for Sustainability

    Lead your teams through the risk and opportunities associated with delivering financial returns while successfully navigating a sustainable business, generating positive value for society and operating within environmental constraints.

  • Governance and Risk

    Understand emerging trends and current regulatory and risk management framework, equip yourself with tools to assess your business, develop a response strategy and position your organisation well into the future.

  • Innovation and Finance Transformation

    Keep abreast with the nimble innovation landscape, hear from global finance leaders on opportunities and challenges of business transformation and evolution.

  • Personal Development

    Identify and develop your talents, realise your full potential to become a coveted professional and a well-rounded individual.

  • Strategy and Change Leadership

    Develop agile finance leadership skills to drive strategic change and successfully manage high performance teams while fostering healthy workplace culture.

  • Trust, Ethics and Resilience

    Recognised as amongst the top-most desired traits of a high-performance leader, learn how to practice and ultimately weave these qualities in your team’s cultural fabric.