Public Practice Conference 2020

The Public Practice Conference Program is designed by public practitioners for public practitioners.

This virtual conference aims to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge required to navigate today’s challenges and build a sustainable practice for the future by engaging with leaders in accounting, technology, business, and health and wellbeing.

Our one-day online program consists of informative keynotes, concurrent sessions and peer-to-peer networking opportunities giving you the flexibility to choose your own agenda based on your personal and career goals.


The Future of Work: Planning for Tomorrow’s Workforce

Speaker: Bernard Salt AM, Managing Director, The Demographics Group

The way we work in the future will look vastly different to today's landscape. Globally, it's predicted that the workplaces of tomorrow will be much more mobile, agile and connected as technology changes how and where work is done. In fact, this trend is underway with increasing numbers of people working in the ‘gig economy’ where portfolio careers feature, people work more flexibly, and many work virtually or remotely. The workforce and workplace as we know it is dramatically shifting and it's clear we are entering a time of significant change. Join Bernard as he discusses the new growth areas and what opportunities will arise from this shift.

Taking the lead through the technology revolution

Speaker: Alan Fitzgerald, Founder, Practice Connections

Technology is a key driver of change. It improves efficiency, cuts costs, is an essential enabler in the delivery of services, and maximises business profitability. So, what do you need to be aware of in the changing trends of accounting technology? What will the landscape look like in the future?

In this session, Alan will demystify technology – in a buzzword free zone, enabling you to discover how efficiency tools might already be at your disposal without even realising it and why choosing the right tools for your business is so important to growth and sustainability internally and externally.

The firms of the future: A panel discussion 

Our panel of practitioners will take a practical look at the changing nature of practice. With the pressure of constant change in technology, service offering, legislation and compliance needs, how are firms harnessing opportunity to adapt and thrive. 

Hear case stories from practitioners who are technologically advanced and ready to take on this new working environment.


Concurrent sessions

Concurrent session highlights:

  • Global Economy Update, next 6 months
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy – Be the doctor not the undertaker
  • Choosing or changing software, what is best for your firm
  • Data Security – what to do in a breach?
  • The new normal, what is important now that wasn’t before.

There are four streams of concurrent sessions focused on the following topics:

  1. Growing your business – topics on Trends and Business impacts, Operational Transformation & Strategy
  2. Leading the profession – topics on Finance Fundamentals and Essential Updates
  3. Building your personal brand – topics on Personal Development, Leadership, Wellbeing
  4. Leader in technology – ways to Improve practice efficiency, delivery of services, and maximizes business profitability

Full program coming soon