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Day One

Thursday 18 July

9.00am - 9.35am
Registration and arrival refreshments
9.35am - 9.45am
Opening remarks and welcome
9.45am - 10.45am
KN1: What can human behaviour – and “big data” – tell us about the econ…

In this session we’ll examine economic growth, interest rates, and the housing market data. Some analysis will be provided before exploring how businesses and consumers are thinking and feeling and how this might affect your business going forward.

Join Dean for an economic outlook for both Australia and the world, with a twist. Learn how intersecting economics, psychology and advanced data analytics can provide a more comprehensive economic perspective.

  • Dean Pearson
    Head of Behavioural and Industry Economics, NAB

    Dean leads a team of analysts responsible for providing unique insights into consumer and business behaviour by intersecting economics, psychology and advanced data analytics.

    As a behavioural economist and commentator with almost 30 years’ experience, Dean has worked to debunk the view that humans are rational, clear-thinking beings. Instead, we behave and make choices that are often illogical and based on emotion. And, if we are to truly understand the economy, it is important that we know the underlying emotional state and motives of the people who work and live within it.

10.45am - 11.15am
Morning tea and networking break
11.15am - 12.45pm
KN2: Essential tax update

This crucial session will guide you through the significant tax issues and policy developments of the last 12 months, including:

• the status of the key tax policy measures included in the 2019–20 Federal Budget
• new tax laws and pending measures
• recent case law and ATO rulings relevant to public practitioners
• significant ATO announcements and administrative developments, including Single Touch Payroll.

  • Robyn Jacobson FCPA
    Senior Tax Trainer, TaxBanter PTY LTD

    Robyn is well known in tax training circles, having been a professional tax trainer for 22 years and a regular conference presenter at CPA Australia events, including the Public Practice Conferences and Congress.

    With more than 25 years’ experience in the profession, Robyn has a public practice background. Her training roles include Webb Martin, then as sole director of her own business, Cyntax, before its merger with TaxBanter in 2011. Based in Melbourne, Robyn continues to be a highly regarded tax trainer, providing training through TaxBanter.

    Robyn is a Fellow of both CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, a Chartered Tax Adviser of The Tax Institute, and a registered tax agent. She is the Chair of CPA Australia’s Victorian Public Practice Committee, Co-Chair of The Tax Institute’s Victorian Women in Tax Committee, and a member of The Tax Institute’s Victorian Professional Development Committee and Victorian Tax Forum Organising Committee.

    Robyn regularly consults with Treasury, the ATO and CPA Australia on technical issues.

12.45pm - 1.45pm
Lunch and networking break
1.45pm - 2.35pm
KN3: Life’s a pitch – how to make your business stand out in the age of…
Truth is, getting attention or "buy-in" is tricky. Whether presenting to clients or prospective clients, competing for a contract or trying to convince colleagues or stake-holders of the merits of a new initiative, your success depends on catching your audience’s interest.

What can you do to ensure your pitches and presentations are dynamic, different, effective and stand out from the pack? How can you cut through to the designated person or audience?

This session aims to pinpoint some of the key areas where you can improve the design, structure and delivery of your pitches, ensuring that your key messages are articulated and delivered effectively.

Join Andrew, one of Australia’s leading experts in this field, and learn:

• the elements of a good pitch
• how to articulate your point of difference
• how to get your target audience’s attention in an age where nobody reads anything
• how to manage the process in an age of flagging attention spans
• how to engage with your target audience, including the cynical and skeptical ones
• how to make a pitch more interactive, entertaining and educational.
  • Andrew Klein
    Director Spike Presentations Andrew is one of Australia’s leading professional conference presentation skills and pitching skills speaker and trainer. He speaks at conferences around the Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the US and South Africa.

    A former corporate lawyer, Andrew quit the law in the late 90s before starting up his own business as a corporate trainer and speaker.

    As a speaker and trainer, Andrew runs educational and interactive workshops and keynotes on presentation skills and pitching for business.

    Andrew’s clients include BT Financial Group, ANZ, QBE, Westpac, Aon, Kelly + Partners, McDonalds, NSW Health, Suncorp, KPMG, MLC, Hesta and Auto One.
Concurrent sessions
2.35pm - 3.35pm
A1: What’s relevant to you in the wake of the recent SMSF audit litigat…

Recent case law suggests that the role and responsibilities of auditors have changed. This session will review the key implications for auditors in the wake of the recent decision in Ryan Wealth Holdings v Baumgartner [2018] NSWSC 1502 and Cam & Bear Pty Ltd v McGoldrick [2018] NSWCA 110. The keys areas of concern, including asset valuation and investment strategies, will be discussed as well as practical steps that can be taken to avoid the pitfalls.

  • Sharlene Anderson
    Forensic Accountant, Veritas Audit

    Highly regarded in her field of expertise, Sharlene has significant experience auditing across various legislative frameworks, and is known for her practical approach. Sharlene is a registered company auditor, approved SMSF auditor and a forensic accountant.

2.35pm - 3.25pm
A2: The great macrocosm of practice technology – deciphering what’s rig…

Intuitive, efficient and future-resilient. Let’s be honest, that’s the wish list of all practitioners about practice technology, right?

Yet as many of us know, it’s not that easy to meet these objectives at every touchpoint for your practice. The myriad of choices, the dissenting opinions on what’s best for what function, and an unending stream of white noise from the numerous vendors insisting they have the right solution, makes for a lot of confusion and indecision.

Deep down we know there is no single magic solution and that every choice comes with pros and cons. Join Alan, an independent software advisor, and share in his knowledge gained over many years to assist you in identifying solutions that help to decode the mystery of what can serve you best.

  • Alan FitzGerald
    Founder, Practice Connections Alan works as an independent specialist technology and services advisor.

    With 20 years of experience in specialist tax and accounting software, Alan assists accounting firms in choosing software fit for their needs, as well as other technology advisory positions.

    He is regularly published in professional magazines, interviewed for webinars and podcasts, a prolific contributor on LinkedIn and a frequent speaker at conferences, where he often shares his sought-after opinion on the future of the accounting technology profession.
3.35pm - 4.05pm
Afternoon tea and networking break
Concurrent sessions
4.05pm - 5.00pm
JC1: Join the conversation – managing workplace stress

New in 2019 – this session looks to share the different viewpoints and experiences of participants to collectively tap into the knowledge in the room and enhance your understanding of the various challenges and potential solutions available to you.

4.05pm - 5.00pm
JC1: Join the conversation – succession planning

New in 2019 – this session looks to share the different viewpoints and experiences of participants to collectively tap into the knowledge in the room and enhance your understanding of the various challenges and potential solutions available to you.

5.00pm - 6.00pm
6.00pm - 11.00pm

Day Two

Friday 19 July

9.00am - 9.15am
Registration and arrival refreshments
9.15am - 10.25am
KN4: CPA Australia public practice and policy update

In 2019, regulatory impacts continue to affect the lives of members in practice. This year will not only likely see further regulatory changes, but also unique challenges for those in financial planning.

Join CPA Australia experts Keddie and Gary as they unpack the year ahead, what will affect you and your practice, and what CPA Australia is doing to support you.

  • Keddie Waller
    Public Practice Manager, CPA Australia

    With more than fifteen years’ experience in this sector, Keddie is responsible for the development, servicing, representation and compliance of CPA Australia public practice members.

    Previously, Keddie was CPA Australia’s Senior Policy Adviser – Financial Planning, responsible for developing policy positions on financial planning and credit issues.

    Keddie is a current member and Deputy Chair of the Industry Reference Council, responsible for the finance services training package.

  • Gary Pflugrath CPA
    Head of Policy and Advocacy, CPA Australia

    Prior to joining CPA Australia, Gary was Executive General Manager at the Institute of Public Accountants, and the Senior Director, Public Policy and Governance at the International Federation of Accountants, in New York. He has also worked at the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and for the Reserve Bank of Australia.

    In these roles, Gary has been involved in: representation and advocacy work on behalf of the accountancy profession internationally and in Australia; the setting of, and commentary upon, auditing and assurance, ethics, and professional standards; the delivery of lectures to undergraduate and post graduate in intermediate and advanced financial accounting, and corporate governance; academic research in auditing and ethics; and management and senior management roles in internal audit and financial reporting and administration.

    Gary has a PhD from the UNSW and has published in several refereed accounting and ethics academic journals, including Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, the Journal of Business Ethics, and the International Journal of Auditing. He has been a member of CPA Australia for 30 years.

10.25am - 10.55am
Morning tea and networking break
Concurrent sessions
10.55am - 11.45am
B1: New Sources of funding for growing businesses

Increasingly clients are seeking advice and guidance related to how new businesses and start-ups can access and secure finance capital solutions from government programs, accelerators, venture capital to equity crowdfunding and more.

Join Matt and discover the new ways people are seeking finance for their businesses and understand the eligibility, pros and cons of the difference finance conduits available and how, with this knowledge, you can better support and advise your clients’ business journeys.

  • Matt Murphy CPA
    Managing Director, Prime Financial Group

    As Managing Partner, Matt built a leading business advisory and accounting firm – MPR Group – over 14 years before merging with Prime in 2016. With the merger, the firm can now provide an integrated, end-to-end service offering that supports the business owner’s journey.

    Matt has provided mentoring, CFO, board reporting and leadership services for more than 100 business owners in the emerging technologies, biotechnology and other innovative industries. He has also provided reliable and pragmatic tax and restructuring advice to support business owners to achieve the purpose why they went into business.

10.55am - 11.45am
B2: Cyber security is about the people – not technology

Join Brian as he takes us through the world of cybercriminals and provides an understanding that malware is not as big a threat as the organised crime groups that sit behind their production, distribution and execution.

Explore the world of dark markets where globally syndicated cybercriminals ply their trade. This session will not only explore the world of your cyber adversary, but also challenge the typical cyber security scenario. We focus on business success, what it means to set up a good risk management framework and growing your people – then we can discuss technology.

  • Brian Hay
    Co-founder and Executive Director, Cultural Cyber Security

    Recently with Unisys as Lead CISO Advisor APAC, Security Brian was responsible for managing and developing Unisys’ security consulting business for Asia Pacific, while delivering operational and service excellence. Prior to joining Unisys, Brian was General Manager, Security for Dimension Data Australia.

    Previously Brian was Detective Superintendent at Queensland Police, where he served 35 years. Since 2004 he has worked extensively in the areas of financial, identity and cyber crime. Brian was Commander of the Queensland Police Fraud and Cyber Crime Group, Chair of the Australia New Zealand Police Advisory Agency’s eCrime Working Group, a pivotal driver of the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network, and member of the Federal Attorney-General’s National Cybercrime Working Group.

    In 2009 Brian was the recipient of The International Award for Cyber Crime Fighter of the Year, and has been awarded the Australian Police Medal and the National AusCERT Award for Individual Excellence in Information Security.

    Brian has a Master in Public Policy and Administration and is the former President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Brisbane Chapter).

Concurrent sessions
11.55am - 12.45pm
C1: ATO update

ATO representative to be confirmed

11.55am - 12.45pm
C2: How to deliver immense value to your clients by implementing value-…

In this session you will explore:

• the fundamentals of value-based fees – how to value the accounting services that you provide and get paid what you are worth
• the difference between value-based fees and compliance fees
• how to identify the opportunity to deliver a value-based fee
• specific tools and strategies on how to implement value-based fees in your practice
• real-life case studies on how to implement value-based fees in your accounting practice.
  • Matthew Snelleksz FCPA
    Founder, Snelleksz & Co

    Matthew is an author, accountant and advisor and is the leading authority on implementing value-based Fees in accounting firms.

    Matthew sold his own accounting firm in 2017 after 17 years in public practice, as he had implemented value-based fees five years before the sale, so he was able to sell it for more.

    Matthew now spends his time teaching owners of accounting firms how they can work four days or less per week, while earning three to four times more than what they were earning before. He shows owners how they can get 20 to 30 per cent organic growth every year without having to spend a single dollar on marketing, or wasting time and money chasing new clients.

    Matthew is a FCPA, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland, and has undertaken post-graduate study in entrepreneurship, venture capital and business start-ups at Harvard Business School in Boston.

12.45pm - 1.45pm
Lunch and networking break
Concurrent sessions
1.45pm - 3.45pm
WS1: The gritty gaps of estate planning
Too often, an individual’s estate planning can be incomplete and does not reflect the objectives and circumstances of the estate planner. Gaps that ought to be filled, but too often are left to chance, include family trusts, superannuation and asset protection strategies.

Join Allan Swan in this engaging workshop and learn step-by-step some of the common challenges and tools that can help close the gap.

Family trusts
• Unexpected provisions in trust deed, such as early vesting of trust
• Interplay between trust deed and wills
• Succession of appointors
• Succession of directors or trustees

• Control of entitlements in industry and retail funds post death
• Control of SMSFs post death
• Cascading binding death benefit nominations

Challenge risk – asset protection strategies
• Domestic partner ownership
• Use of home equity trusts – avoiding triggering CGT events and dutiable transactions
• Use of capital reserved trusts
• New South Wales versus the rest of Australia

  • Allan Swan
    Director, Estate Planning Equation – Preventative Law

    Allan is Director of the Melbourne law firm Estate Planning Equation – Preventative Law. Allan acts for a diverse range of clients, assisting them to achieve their personal objectives in respect of the wealth they own or control.

    Allan’s focus is working to pre-empt problems that may occur in the future – whether the problems are taxation, business risk, family dispute or vulnerability.

    Allan works with private clients and their accountants, financial advisors and legal practitioners on the legal aspects of preventative law.

    Allan holds degrees in law and economics and a Graduate Diploma in Financial Services.

1.45pm - 3.45pm
WS2: Accountants guide to QBCC licensees – meeting financial reporting …
  • Speaker to be confirmed

3.45pm - 4.15pm
Afternoon tea and networking break
4.15pm - 5.05pm
KN5: Great accounting talent – the chicken or the egg conundrum

Whether you’re regional or city based, attracting and retaining great accounting talent is one of the greatest challenges faced by public practice accountants.

Recruitment and retention challenges affect our businesses, from job turnaround times, client service levels, ability to meet growth targets and partner reliance, to lack of staff engagement.

But what should come first, the ability to attract talent or the ability to retain – the chicken or the egg?

Join Lynda as we answer three key questions.

1. Why do we need to attract and retain talent?
Seemingly obvious, but let’s delve a little deeper into the why in the quest to find solutions.

2. What are employees, and specifically accounting talent, looking for?
What makes a great employer, what we can do to become a great employer, and what opportunities accounting talent are willing to move for.

3. How can you deliver the why and the what?
Have applicants leave interviews wanting to work for you and become known as an employer of choice.

Don’t miss this important session to walk away with key strategies and actionable outcomes to immediately tackle recruitment and retention challenges head on.

  • Lynda Steffans CPA
    Founder, The Real Accountant

    Founder of The Small Business Project, Business Metamorphosis and Ready Set Coach, Lynda has more than 25 years’ experience in the professional services industry as an accountant, business advisor, partner, practice manager, speaker and coach. Lynda’s business knowledge is extensive and her passion evident having owned three businesses of her own.

    Lynda lives and breathes the accounting industry and is passionate about the industry that has shaped her career. Lynda exclusively coaches accountants, revolutionising the way they engage with their clients and resulting in highly valued outcomes for their businesses. Lynda’s number one goal is to reignite their passion for being in business and show them that small changes can make big differences, because with passion and motivation you can do and create anything.

    Born into business, Lynda grew up in the Lockyer Valley on a family farm. Her career has seen her work and advise countless SME business owners, helping them through the highs and lows and travelling with them on their business journeys.



  • Economy, regulation and business

  • Finance fundamentals

    Enhance your core accounting and finance skills in the areas of tax, audit and assurance, compliance, financial planning, analysis and reporting.

  • Operational transformation

    Find out how to transform your business using improved processes and management skills, the latest technologies and shared services.

  • Personal development

    Refine your skills and become a highly productive, effective and well-rounded individual.

  • Sector in focus

    Hear the latest trends and opportunities specific to your sector, including corporate, SME, not for profit and public sector.

  • Strategy and leadership

    Become an outstanding finance leader by enhancing the power of innovation, successfully managing change and driving a high-performance culture.

  • Trends and business impacts

    Understand shifts in the domestic and global economy, the regulatory environment, the latest fraudulent activities, and consumer and competitive markets to build risk mitigation strategies.

Disclaimer of liability
CPA Australia reserves the right to alter any part of this program at any time without notice.

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CPD hours will be awarded for CPA Australia events based on the length of an event, inclusive of all breaks, for CPA Australia members. CPD hours for the purposes of financial planning and SMSF Audit will be accredited based on the length of an event, excluding breaks, as well as the relevant generic or specialist knowledge areas. Eligible accredited sessions at the Public Practice conference will be made available via an onsite guide, available to delegates upon request at the registration desk.