Long-term disaster recovery plans

Content Summary

Lessons learned

Recovering from a disaster may be a drawn-out process, especially if there wasn’t a continuity plan when it occurred. Valuable lessons from the experience should be incorporated into your ongoing business plan and operations, and you should develop a disaster management and recovery plan for future events. To mitigate the risk of losing hard copy records in a disaster, you could move to a cloud-based financial system.

Improving business performance

On your path to recovery, you’ll make many observations on how your business was operating before the disaster. You will notice how the market has changed and will have likely identified several opportunities to improve your business.

Implementing a continual improvement program will ensure all key business resources are efficient and effective. It will also help your business not only respond to changing conditions but prosper.

Many activities can be reviewed to improve the overall performance of your business. Learn more about improving the performance of your business.