Managing your business during COVID-19


Download our checklist for managing your business including a clear list of actions you can undertake now to stay on track.

Prepare for the business implications of COVID-19 with our detailed summary of tips.

This checklist helps Australian small businesses identify some of the tasks critical to good business practice.

This checklist includes a range of areas to consider in your contingency plan, such as employees or related parties catching COVID-19, staffing arrangements that should follow, impact on customers, and ideas on how you can implement plan B.


Developed specifically for public practitioners in Australia, this factsheet outlines key legal considerations, HR strategies and employment resources to support you in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 employer’s manual for public practitioners

This manual provides accounting practices with guidance around employment and industrial law updates following COVID-19


These tips aim to help small business develop a framework and consistently apply processes to manage their credit and accounts receivable.


Discover new perspectives on how you can adapt and lead effectively through crisis and leverage opportunities that arise.

This briefing document is for board directors or advisers who assist organisations in navigating these challenging times.

This briefing is aimed at directors or advisers to boards, who will help organisations reinvent themselves to survive and capitalise on new opportunities.


With many people working from home, it’s more important than ever to incorporate cyber security measures into your contingency planning and every day work practices. Follow this eight-step guide for keeping your data and systems safe and secure.

Help transition your firm to remote working operations by following this practical guide, which includes short-term steps for setting up your virtual office and longer-term considerations for finding a sustainable solution.

Additional risks can arise when teams start working from home. There are some simple policies, settings and tools that firms can deploy to significantly reduce their risks. In this checklist we share 11 low-cost tips for doing this.

Tips for small business in uncertain times