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Managing risk and reward is an important balancing act when you're growing your practice. It’s also critical to ensuring your compliance with APES 325 Risk Management for Firms, and providing a quality service to your clients.

That’s why we've developed an online tool to help you develop a custom Risk Management Framework (RMF) for your practice. Tailored to your individual circumstances, it will help you identify, assess, mitigate, implement, and monitor the risks to your practice.

All public practice certificate holders managing a practice must have an RMF to be compliant under APES 325. The document you create using this tool will be APES 325 compliant, helping you to meet your regulatory obligations.

Risk management module

If you’re new to risk management, do this module first. It covers the essentials such as risk management terminology, approaches to risk management, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) risk management process and risk assessment techniques. Then, use the tool to develop your on Risk Management Framework.

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How does the tool help you?

  • It makes compliance with APES 325 easier and faster
  • It reduces risk for your individual practice
  • It provides you with a guided process for simplicity.

Introducing our Risk Management Framework Tool

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Risk Management Framework Tool Terms of Use

The CPA Australia Risk Management Framework Tool and any material generated through the tool is designed to assist CPA Australia members holding a public practice certificate to document their firm's risk management policies and procedures under APES 325 Risk Management for Firms.

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