CPA Australia has four Centres of Excellence (CoE) comprised of members with special expertise in core areas.

They provide thought leadership, highlight and explore issues and trends likely to affect members and the profession, and support CPA Australia in developing and shaping policy on these issues and have an international and regional focus. 


  • Provide guidance on policy and issues
  • Identify issues relevant to the profession in a timely and effective way
  • Provide advice on legislation requiring response or comment
  • Provide input and feedback on policy responses
  • Provide thought leadership
  • Address issues which impact the profession, focusing on changes in the wider economic environment are a strategic sounding board for management
  • Provide input on proposed CPA Australia products


Members are selected from:

  • small-to-medium sized enterprises
  • corporate sector
  • public sector
  • public practice
  • business advisers and consultants
  • academia
  • not-for-profit organisations.

Membership tenure is for two years, after which a member can be renominated. Interested members of CPA Australia are invited to nominate for membership of the CoE and are appointed by the CEO or their delegate.

Areas of expertise

Environmental, social and governance

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Chair Mike Sewell FCPA

Associate Professor Geoff Frost CPA
Roger FitzGerald CPA
Kim McGrath CPA
Malcolm Borgeaud FCPA
Dr Michaela Rankin CPA
Associate Professor Themin Suwardy FCPA
Michael Nugent CPA

External reporting

Chair Jessie Wong FCPA

Ric De Santi FCPA
Julie Sinclair FCPA
Jude Lau FCPA
Dean Hanlon CPA
Caroline Spencer FCPA
Vanessa Lim CPA
Mark Hucklesby FCPA
Andrew Marks FCPA

Retirement savings

Chair Noelle Kelleher CPA

Perry Abbott CPA
Andrew Albury FCPA
David Denison CPA
Eileen Newby CPA
David Rolleston CPA (FPS)
Peter Tratt FCPA (FPS)
Murray Wyatt FCPA (FPS)


Chair Andrew O'Bryan FCPA

Brett Freudenberg FCPA
Ian Kearney CPA
Keith Kendall FCPA
Jake Meyer CPA
Maguy Nakhl FCPA
Greg Neilsen CPA
Jonathan Sear FCPA
Gordon Thring CPA