CPA Australia chief executive, Alex Malley, this evening welcomed the election of an Abbott Government and urged the new Government not to waste a moment in getting to work to unshackle business and restore confidence.

“The Australian people have this evening delivered a clear mandate for change. In so doing, they have comprehensively rejected the bitter internal recriminations and leadership turmoil that came to define the previous government.

“The country is crying out for strong and consistent leadership. The new Parliament must now let an Abbott Government get on with the task of implementing its clear mandate to provide the stability, certainty and confidence the country needs.

“CPA Australia urges the Government to start by reducing red tape to boost business confidence and create an environment for business to create jobs.”

Mr Malley said on the basis of today’s decisive victory the Australian people look forward to the new Government spelling out a comprehensive, long term vision for the country, to capitalise on our place in the region and make the Asian Century the ‘Australasian Century’.

“As I have said consistently throughout this campaign, we need government with a long term plan to create stronger links with Asia, reduce transaction costs for business, harness new and emerging opportunities and better leverage key markets for our products and services.

“These are the real challenges for our country and CPA Australia looks forward to working with the new Government in meeting them.”