Divisional Committees: Western Australia

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The WA Division has several committees that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy. They meet regularly and liaise with representatives from the WA Divisional Council.

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Gender and Career Progression Committee

This committee focuses on specific issues such as inclusiveness in the workforce, value-adding to members on parental leave and overcoming career disruption. It is keen to promote gender representation at the senior leadership level.

Chair Suzanne James CPA
Deputy Chair Minji Kim CPA
Jillian Brazil CPA
Members Jana Bartlett CPA
Sylvie Broadway CPA
Holly Caldwell CPA
Michael Crevola CPA
Amanda Cumberbatch CPA
Jennifer De'Ceglie CPA
Elvina Florenca FCPA
Katherine Ge CPA
Yajie Han ASA
Helen Hodgson FCPA
Helen Lo Presti CPA
Kayah Louise CPA
Jamie MacBride CPA
Natalie Matsie CPA
Simon Mayo CPA
Shiyin Mullen CPA
Rebecca Johnston-Patterson CPA
Anastasiia Ploshkina CPA
Christo Sebastian CPA
Nina Wild CPA


This committee's role is to engage, represent and advance the professional interests of not-for-profit members who are employed by or have an interest in the sector. The committee comprises of 13 members representing a many aspects of the sector and it meets on a bi-monthly basis.

Chair Annette Frazer FCPA
Deputy Chair Janet Leerson CPA
Members Ryan Chapman CPA
Max Cozijn CPA
John Dawson FCPA
Jeremy D’Souza CPA
Tracey Ford CPA
Eileen Newby CPA
Lachlan Papworth CPA
Hena Park CPA
Bernadette Smith FCPA
Diana Versace FCPA
Shane Yensch FPCA

Public Practice Committee

This committee's role is to safeguard the interests of members in public practice in Western Australia. The committee comprises of 11 members and meet on a bi-monthly basis.

Chair Darren Ellis CPA
Deputy Chair Hugh Zimmerman FCPA
Members John Greeve CPA
Aaron Ng CPA
Leanne Oliver CPA
Andrew Seinor FCPA
Bernadette Smith FCPA
Jimmy Trpcevski FCPA
Ping Teo FCPA
James Wyrewenaden CPA

Public Sector Committee

The committee's aim is to represent, advance and promote the interests of members working in the public sector.

Chair Damon de Nooyer FCPA
Members Alan Andersson CPA
Patrick Arulsingham CPA
Les Bechelli FCPA
Adrian Bell FCPA
Peter Byrne FCPA
Mark Caldwell FCPA
Philip D'Souza CPA
Tanvi Haria FCPA
Graeme Jones FCPA
Poonam Kapoor CPA
Tony Loiacono FCPA
Glenn Nordsvan CPA
Peter Parolo FCPA
John Rees CP
Alan Shaw CPA

Resources and Energy Committee

This committee advocates on behalf of Finance and Accounting professionals in Western Australia's significant Resources and Energy sector. They advise on career development and ongoing requirements specific to the industry.

Chair Anastasiia Ploshkina CPA
Deputy Chair Wylie Collins FCPA
Members Lucille Bazen CPA
Khatiza Brown CPA
Seunghwan Cha CPA
David Dring CPA
Rebekha Hanna CPA
Matthew Lee CPA
Corinne Coko Tang CPA
Shaun Vokes CPA
Chin Mei Wong CPA

Third Age Network

The Third Age network (TAN) seeks to advance, represent and engage the interests of Third Age members. In particular they are keen to support members who desire to maintain their professional skills and continue to learn, earn and contribute where appropriate.

Chair Arthur Griffiths FCPA
Members Philip Draber FCPA
Robert Fruin CPA
Romola Haggerty FCPA
Bruce Land CPA
George Okulicz CPA
Yawar Zoeb FCPA

Young Professionals Committee

CPA Australia is committed to helping the career development needs of young business professionals. The Young Professionals Committee was establish to enable activities aimed at Associate members and prospective graduates in the early to mid-stages of their CPA career journey.

Chair Callum Rogers-Barbour ASA
Fui Wern Chow CPA
Members Corey Bavin CPA
Vicki Fosselius ASA
Olena Legoida ASA
Grishma Maharjan ASA
Huan Wang CPA
Committee Liaisons Kishan Gosran
Simran Vijayakumar