Divisional Committees - Victoria

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The Victorian Division has several committees and networks that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy. They meet on a regular basis and liaise with representatives from the VIC Divisional Council.

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Emerging Leaders Network

CPA Australia is committed to helping young professionals develop their careers. This network was created for associate members and CPAs in the early to mid-stages of their CPA career journey.

Chair Sashika Abeyratne CPA
Deputy Chairs Natasha Strugnell CPA
Judy Gao CPA
Members Hacia Atherton CPA
Kevin Boland CPA
Shriya Gupta ASA
Winne Lam CPA
Yifan (Felicity) Li ASA
Vincent Nguyen CPA
Victor Ouygi CPA
Joey Zhang ASA

Public Practice Committee

As a standing committee of the Victorian Divisional Council, the committee's role is to engage, represent and advance the interests of members in public practice in Victoria. The committee builds relationships within and outside the organisation, champions national initiatives, communicates with members and supports local initiatives. The committee represents members across a broad range of issues within the sector.

Chair Michelle Frey CPA
Deputy Chairs Mark Morris CPA
Ha Nguyen CPA
Members Kristen Beadle CPA
Robyn Jacobson FCPA
Dino Del Medico CPA
Damian Pearce CPA
Stacey Zuluaga CPA

Public Sector and Not-For-Profit Committee

This committee represents the professional interests of public sector and not-for-profit members who are employed by, or have an interest in, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. The committee comprises the following members who hold various roles within the public sector.

Chair Melville Yates FCPA
Deputy Chairs Neil Morgan FCPA
Alecia Rathbone FCPA
Members Katie Bishop CPA
Binda Gokhale CPA
Anna Hooi FCPA
Ruslana Hunt CPA
Daniel Langelaan FCPA
Nick Peachey CPA
VAGO Liaison Travis Derricott CPA

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Committee

This committee represents CPA Australia's members that operate in the SME sector and provides opportunities to develop awareness, skills and connections.

Chair Mohamed Almulla CPA
Deputy Chairs Adrian Shiel CPA
Sanchi Kariyawasam CPA
Members Jacquetta Griggs CPA
Sam Hettiarachchi CPA
William Young CPA
VAGO Liaison Bobby Papadopoulos CPA

Third Age Network

The Third Age network (TAN) seeks to advance, represent and engage the interests of Third Age members. In particular it supports members who wish to maintain their professional skills and continue to learn, earn and contribute where appropriate.

Chair Louise Kloot FCPA
Deputy Chairs David Greenall FCPA
Members Terry Brooks FCPA
Felim Deighan CPA
Ruth Owens FCPA
Joan Scudd FCPA



Victorian Corporate Committee

This committee safeguards the interests of Victorian members in industry and commerce. It includes members from several large companies in Victoria who engage with corporate professionals. The committee invites feedback and hosts member events, including CPA Congress and round tables. These events enable senior finance professionals to network and discuss strategic issues.

Chair Beau Turner CPA
Deputy Chairs Georgina Fordham CPA
Members Pablo Benitez CPA
Givemore Guirira FCPA
Emily Gunn CPA
Matthew Lao CPA
Shweta Vincent CPA
John Woods CPA

Women’s CPA Committee

The Victorian Women’s CPA Network was established to inspire, engage with and create opportunities for current and future members in their professional and personal lives.

Chair Anna Tantau FCPA
Deputy Chairs Gordana Milosevska CPA
Louise Roberts FCPA
Members Farzaneh Jalali Aliabadi CPA
Jayanthi Iswarn CPA
Sarah Jones CPA
Nada Matijevic CPA
Alexandra Olding CPA
Priscilla Wang CPA