Divisional Committees - Queensland

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The Queensland Division has several committees and networks that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy. They meet on a regular basis and liaise with representatives from the Queensland Divisional Council.

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Business committee

The role of the Business Committee is to engage, represent and advance the interests of members in the corporate sector in Queensland and their communities.

Chair Tim Timchur CPA
Deputy Chairs Rebecca He FCPA
Members Jodi Anderson CPA
Adam Cain CPA
Mary-Lou Coorey FCPA
Jessica D'Souza CPA
Bernard Lakey CPA
Cissy Ma FCPA
Tony Thomas FCPA

Committee for women

This committee aims to elevate, enrich, and empower women CPA members and all women working in accounting.

Chair Theresa O'Connor FCPA
Deputy Chairs Jan Pool FCPA
Secretary Jodi-Lee Marchant ASA
Members Andrea Ellis CPA
Traci Ellwood CPA
Reisa Lockhart ASA
Jumana Mohemdally CPA
Margot Richardson FCPA
Neha Saraf ASA
Lynda Steffens CPA
Cathy Uhlmann CPA
Maggie Wong-Steedman CPA

Future of the profession committee

This committee aims to engage, represent and advance the interests of members and the future of our profession.

Chair Stewart Saini CPA
Deputy Chairs Justin Callaghan CPA
Secretary Ankit Hemani CPA
Members Mel Georgiou FCPA
Graham Grant FCPA
Lucian Nguyen ASA
Leanne Rudd FCPA
Shane Sullivan FCPA

Not-for-profit committee

This committee represents the professional interests of members who are employed in the not-for-profit sector, or have an interest in the sector.

Chair Deborah Nisbet FCPA
Deputy Chairs Kulwant Singh-Pangly CPA
Secretary Rajkumar Gohain CPA
Members Nunzio Giunta CPA
Shannon Hunter CPA
Radha Nair ASA
Angie Tse CPA
Janifer Willis FCPA

Public practice committee

This committee engages, represents and advances the interests of members working in public practice.

Chair Shanna Hunter FCPA
Deputy Chairs Minna Zhu CPA
Members Sean Beasley FCPA
Michael Dietrich FCPA
Anthony Lowe CPA
Michelle McDowall FCPA
Theresa O'Connor FCPA
Pauline Pickering FCPA
Pravinesh Singh CPA

Public sector committee

This committee engages, represents and advances the interests of members working in Queensland's public sector and their communities.

Chair Matthew O'Connor FCPA
Deputy Chairs Joseph Soalheira FCPA
Members Tony Brett CPA
Melissa Fletcher CPA
Paul Huggins FCPA
Rakhi Shastri CPA
Minnie Trieu CPA

Young professionals committee

This committee aims to engage and support young accounting professionals. It facilitates networking and maximises the benefits of being a member of CPA Australia.

Chair Laura Stauder ASA
Deputy Chairs Marco Bozzetto ASA
Members Lucinda Jacobson CPA
Min Jun Kim ASA
Nick Lancaster CPA
Ben Richards CPA
Eyale Teshager ASA
Angie Tse CPA
Zoe Zhang ASA
Jeanine Zhong ASA