Divisional Committees: New South Wales

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The NSW Division has a number of committees that advance the interests of members through internal and external advocacy. They meet on a regular basis and liaise with representatives from the NSW Divisional Council.

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Corporate Sector Committee

The Corporate Sector Committee represents professional interests for those within the corporate sector.

Chair John Fallon FCPA
Deputy Chair Jeremy Scott-Mackenzie CPA

John Fallon FCPA
Kerryn Goddard FCPA
Ben McEvoy CPA

Members Joseph Alles FCPA
Greg Chellan FCPA
Shirley Cho FCPA
Deborah Lane FCPA
Karl Nixon FCPA
Steven Olling CPA
Amy Wong FCPA

Not-For-Profit Committee

The role of the committee is to represent the professional interests of not-for-profit members who are employed by, or have an interest in the sector. The committee comprises the following members, representing a broad spectrum within the not-for-profit sector.

Chair Mark Broadhead FCPA
Deputy Chair James Winter FCPA

Krista Fletcher FCPA
Stephan Kasanczuk FCPA
Wayne Stokes FCPA


Dr Ushi Ghoorah ASA
Wayne Stokes FCPA
Nina Trofimova FCPA
Shan Wu CPA

Public Practice Committee

The committee represents public practitioners in NSW. The committee represents the sector to Divisional Council, builds relationships in conjunction with the Public Practice Advisory Committee, champions national initiatives, communicates with members, and supports local initiatives.

Chair Gavin Swan FCPA
Deputy Chair Kirsty Donachie CPA

Peter Jiang FCPA
Sarah Lawrance FCPA


Teddy Kosasih FCPA
Henry Kwok CPA
Sarah Lawrance FCPA
Neale Peppernell FCPA
Ravi Raja CPA
Amanda Ward FCPA

Public Sector Committee

The committee represents public sector members in NSW Divisional Council, builds relationships in conjunction with the Board Public Sector Committee, champions national initiatives, communicates with members, and supports local initiatives.

Chair Robert Alder FCPA
Deputy Chair John Gregor FCPA
Liaisons Dr Michelle Cull FCPA
Members Tim Burke FCPA
William Carter FCPA
Peter Coulogeorgiou FCPA
Kegan Kashian FCPA
Weini Liao CPA
Ryan McKeon CPA
Vishwa Nadan FCPA
Libby Stratford FCPA


SME Committee

The committee represents members who work in small to medium enterprises in the NSW Division. Working closely with NSW Divisional Council and supporting CPA Australia's corporate strategy, the SME Committee supports local activity and provides a voice for members. 

Chair Lisa Gill FCPA
Deputy Chair

Michelle Cull FCPA
Alex Konstantinidis FCPA


Petah Hobson CPA
Peter Knight FCPA
Jeffrey O'Sullivan CPA

Third Age Network Committee

The Third Age Network (TAN NSW) seeks to advance, represent and engage the interests of mature age members who desire to maintain their professional skills, continue lifelong learning, feel valued and connected and encouraged to give back their wealth of knowledge and experience to the profession, community and society.

Chair Tom O'Keeffe FCPA
Deputy Chairs Alan Freshwater CPA
Christine Winwick CPA

Stephan Kasanczuk FCPA
Tom O'Keeffe FCPA
Christine Winwick CPA

Members Beverley Coorey CPA
Rachel Deering CPA
Jack Flanagan FCPA
Stephan Kasanczuk FCPA
George Paradisis FCPA
Rhonda Wheatley FCPA

Young and Emerging Professionals Committee

The committee's purpose is to engage and support young accounting professionals, by facilitating networking and to maximise benefits as a member of CPA Australia.

Chair Matthew D'Cruz CPA
Deputy Chair

Helen Dong FCPA
Maggie Lo CPA
Chris Winwick FCPA

Members Alex Griffith CPA
Maggie Lo CPA
Ikesh Tharmarajah CPA
Marcus Thelwell CPA
Marjorie Wong CPA