Divisional Committees - Mainland China

Content Summary


Committees in North, South, East and Central China are involved in advancing members' interests by internal and external advocacy.

North China Committee

President Derek Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Presidents Len Jui FCPA (Aust.)
Justin Qiu FCPA (Aust.)
Members Sun Cui FCPA (Aust.)
Kevin Ng FCPA (Aust.)
Lily Chen FCPA (Aust.)
Michael Liu FCPA (Aust.)
Henry Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Wilson Liu FCPA (Aust.)
Zhou Ning FCPA (Aust.)
Dora Song FCPA (Aust.)
Lloyd Peng FCPA (Aust.)
Jessie Wong FCPA (Aust.)

East and Central China Committee

President Lily Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Presidents Michael Yu FCPA (Aust.)
Patrick Zhu FCPA (Aust.)
Members Charles Yang FCPA (Aust.)
Charlie Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Danny Tong FCPA (Aust.)
David Wang Chen FCPA (Aust.)
David Wang Xiong FCPA (Aust.)
John Hung FCPA (Aust.)
Kenny Lam FCPA (Aust.)
Michelle Sun FCPA (Aust.)
Raymond Zhu CPA (Aust.)
Stan He FCPA (Aust.)
Tom Lin FCPA (Aust.)

South China Committee

President William Huang FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Presidents Tony Chan FCPA (Aust.)
John Lo FCPA (Aust.)
Members Ken Cai FCPA (Aust.)
Ken Chen FCPA (Aust.)
Fiona He FCPA (Aust.)
Lawrence Lam FCPA (Aust.)
Alfred Leong FCPA (Aust.)
Rebecca Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Winson Woo FCPA (Aust.)
Ryan Wu FCPA (Aust.)