Divisional Committees - Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has several committees involved in advancing members' interests through internal and external advocacy. Each committee has a distinctive platform for knowledge sharing, networking and building strategic alliances.

Continuing Professional Development Committee

The committee was established to provide guidance on keeping our members' skills and knowledge up-to-date and relevant to the fast-changing business environment. The committee provides valuable advice on how to enhance the value of our CPD activities.

Chair Bernard Poon FCPA (Aust.)
Members Bong Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Janssen Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Jeffrey Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Theresa Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Paul Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Johnny Lam CPA (Aust.)
Peter Lee FCPA (Aust.)
Carmen Ting CPA (Aust.)
Ronald Yam FCPA (Aust.)
Patrick Yeung FCPA (Aust.)

Corporate Sector Committee

The committee has more than 20 professionals from different industry sectors. These sectors range from large accounting firms to the entertainment and media, financial services, food and beverage, legal, infrastructure and retail sectors.

Chair Johnny Lam CPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Christopher Chan CPA (Aust.)
Members Angus Chan CPA (Aust.)
Arnold Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Gary Chan CPA (Aust.)
Jeffrey Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Michael Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Oswald Chan CPA (Aust.)
Paul Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Chris Lau FCPA (Aust.)
Roy Lo FCPA (Aust.)
Bernard Poon FCPA (Aust.)
Raymond Tam FCPA (Aust.)
Eugene Yeung CPA (Aust.)
Angus Yiu CPA (Aust.)
Samson Yue CPA (Aust.)

Financial Services Committee

The committee serves the interests of members working in Hong Kong's financial services industry. It aims to create networking and knowledge exchange opportunities by leveraging members' expertise and existing networks.

Chair Eden Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chairs Michael Cheung CPA (Aust.)
Amy Yeung CPA (Aust.)
Members Edwin Chen CPA (Aust.)
Nelson Hon CPA (Aust.)
Cliff Ip FCPA (Aust.)
Andrew Lam CPA (Aust.)
Jacko Lam CPA (Aust.)
Peter Lee FCPA (Aust.)
Kelvin Leung CPA (Aust.)
Sunny Ng CPA (Aust.)
Chong Woon Sun CPA (Aust.)
Chris Wong CPA (Aust.)

Greater Bay Area Committee

This committee was established to help members develop a knowledge base on the expansion of the Greater Bay Area. It aims to be a thought leader in this area and will provide recommendations and advice to the government and policy makers.

Chair Marcellus Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chairs Gilbert Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Wilson Pang FCPA (Aust.)
Members Sidney Cheng FCPA (Aust.)
David Chu FCPA (Aust.)
Cliff Ip FCPA (Aust.)
Peter Koo CPA (Aust.)
Derek Kwik FCPA (Aust.)
John Lo FCPA (Aust.)
Simon Loong FCPA (Aust.)
Jason Shum CPA (Aust.)
Paul Sin CPA (Aust.)
Stanley Sum CPA (Aust.)
Albert Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Allen Wong CPA (Aust.)
Winson Woo FCPA (Aust.)

Public Practice Committee

The committee was established to serve the interests of members working in public practice. Its objective is to promote the dynamic and challenging accounting profession and advocate the evolving needs of public practice.

Chair Vickie Fan FCPA (Aust.)
Thomas W S Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Members Clement Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Francis Chan FCPA (Aust.)
May Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Michael Chan FCPA
Irene Cheng FCPA (Aust.)
Simon Cheung CPA (Aust.)
Ronnie Choi CPA (Aust.)
Ellis Wong CPA (Aust.)
Ronald Yam FCPA (Aust.)
Andrew Yung CPA (Aust.)
Winson Woo FCPA (Aust.)

Small and Medium Enterprises Committee

The committee provides leadership in the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) sector. The committee identifies how CPA Australia can act in the best interest of its members in this sector by recommending relevant member services and policy issues. It considers and, where applicable, makes recommendations in relation to broader professional development issues raised directly by the members. It also provides direction on the education needs of members within the sector.

Chair Janssen Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chair Sharon Chow CPA (Aust.)
Members Edwin Chan CPA (Aust.)
Brian Cheng CPA (Aust.)
Davy Leung CPA (Aust.)
Sally Tam CPA (Aust.)

Taxation Committee

The Taxation Committee is made up of tax practitioners. Its objective is to keep members' knowledge current on a wide range of tax issues applicable to both the local and international operations environment.

Chair Paul Ho FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chairs Anthony Lau FCPA (Aust.)
Theresa Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Members Janssen Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Irene Lee CPA (Aust.)
Danny Kwan CPA (Aust.)
Karina Wong CPA (Aust.)

Women in Leadership, Greater China Committee

With a growing female representation in our membership base, the Committee is formed to enhance awareness of female representation in the accounting profession across Greater China. It places an emphasis on embracing women leadership, career advancement and life fulfilment.

Chair Vickie Fan FCPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chairs Wandy Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Carmen Lei CPA (Aust.)
Rebecca Wong FCPA (Aust.)
Members Theresa Chan FCPA (Aust.)
Honnus Cheung FCPA (Aust.)
Sharon Chow CPA (Aust.)
Irene Lee CPA (Aust.)
Grace Ng CPA (Aust.)
Michelle Sun FCPA (Aust.)
Karina Wong CPA (Aust.)
Alison Yam CPA (Aust.)
Amy Yeung CPA (Aust.)
Honorary Members Michaela Browning
Ivy Au Yeung FCPA (Aust.)
Agnes Chan FCPA (Aust.)

Young Leaders Committee

This committee was established to provide guidance to our younger members to help keep their skills and knowledge current and relevant to the fast-changing business environment. The committee provides valuable advice on how to enhance the value of our CPD activities.

Chair Nathan Kwok CPA (Aust.)
Deputy Chairs Wilson Chan CPA (Aust.)
Osmond Chiu CPA (Aust.)
Members Brian Cheng CPA (Aust.)
Nelson Hon CPA (Aust.)
Christopher Leung CPA (Aust.)
Krystin Leung CPA (Aust.)
Grace Lo CPA (Aust.)
Chris Pang CPA (Aust.)
Baldwin Wai CPA (Aust.)
Alison Yam CPA (Aust.)
Lena Yeung CPA (Aust.)
Andrew Yung CPA (Aust.)