Studying the CPA Program with the support from a mentor provides many benefits. Although appointing a mentor is optional, we highly recommend it. Our experience has shown that Associate members studying with a mentor have a much higher likelihood of passing their subjects. Having an experienced mentor can also give you the opportunity to progress to higher level roles and widen your networking group.

How to find a mentor

A mentor can be a CPA, FCPA or anyone who holds full membership with an equivalent professional International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) member body.
Your mentor can be:

  • working within the same company as you
  • working within an external organisation
  • retired or unemployed as long as they still have full membership

If your manager or supervisor is not suitable or available to be a mentor, you can try:

  • contacting others in your workplace
  • advertising your need for a mentor on your organisation's intranet or website
  • attending networking events and local discussion groups
  • or post your interest for a mentor on CPA Australia’s Facebook page or LinkedIn group