You can submit a claim once every 12 months, or you can wait until you've gained the full 36 months and submit a single claim. 

When you have completed an experience claim form and the form has been signed-off as required, you're ready to submit the form to CPA Australia for verification. 

To submit your claim:

You'll receive an email confirming our receipt of your claim. Please allow up to 10 days from our receipt of your claim to receive your verification. 

When your 36 months* of experience and the required skills have been verified, you'll have met your experience requirement. And when you've satisfied the CPA Program education component and hold a degree-level qualification with a recognised education provider, you'll be ready to advance to CPA status. 

*For part-time work, you can calculate the full-time equivalent in months by using this formula: (your weekly part-time hours ÷ 35 hours) x months worked = full time equivalent in months.