Ethics and governance is a core component of the knowledge and skill base of today’s accounting and finance professional. Get a head start by studying Ethics and Governance as part of your undergraduate degree with one of our partnering universities. The course structure and content you’ll learn is straight from the CPA Program.

Once you’ve studied the course at university, it’ll be even easier to complete your CPA Program exam for Ethics and Governance at the end of the semester – taking you on your on your first step towards a professional designation, before you graduate.

Stand out from other graduates with the knowledge and skills gained from studying Ethics and Governance. 

Where Ethics and Governance is offered 

Currently, Ethics and Governance is offered as part of the undergraduate degree at these partnering universities:

How it works 

You’ll study the CPA Program Ethics and Governance subject within your degree at your university and take the Ethics and Governance exam through CPA Australia at the end of semester. 

You'll receive an Ethics and Governance study guide and access to My Online Learning for all additional resources including videos, case studies and business simulations. 

How to get started 

  1. Enrol in Ethics and Governance at your university
  2. Enrol in the Ethics and Governance via My CPA Program. You’ll need to:
    • create an account
    • select CPA Program
    • select to enrol in Ethics and Governance. 

After you are enrolled

  1. Schedule your exam through My CPA Program to secure your preferred exam time and location
  2. Attend your Ethics and Governance classes
  3. Sit your Ethics and Governance exam with CPA Australia
  4. You have completed the first subject of the education component of the CPA Program

To ensure you are across all activities across throughout the semester, visit important dates and fees

For any questions, contact [email protected]